A gamified and mobile environment to train the Bridgestone Latin America distribution network




North Latin America





More about the case study

Bridgestone Corporation is the world’s largest tire and rubber company. Thanks to its constant focus on offering the highest quality in its products and customer care, Bridgestone has established itself as a world leader in the manufacture of tires. Specifically, in Northern Latin America, it’s present in 24 countries with almost 1,000 points of sale.

Genaro Jiménez, Trade Marketing Manager of Bridgestone, and Berenice Martínez, Head of Training, tell us what the experience with Bizfit is like and why Bridgestone has decided to replicate the project in other Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia.

The need

Bridgestone required training for its personnel distributed in more than 600 points of sale in Mexico, more than 300 in Central America and more than 200 in Colombia and Ecuador, which will expand its expertise and technical knowledge to improve customer care and support. To do so, it turned to isEazy Engage, which developed a massive, rapid, effective training program adapted to current work spaces.

The solution

The development of a social and collaborative app that would make it possible to train the entire network of collaborators through high impact micro-content and gamification dynamics, which guarantee knowledge acquisition while having fun and on the user’s personal mobile device. And all this in an innovative environment designed specially for them.

The results

Initially, Bridgestone introduced the project in Mexico, where it has already achieved more than 2,000 registered and active users in just 4 months. They are therefore already replicating it at their offices in Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador.

Explained by

Genaro Jiménez

Trademarketing Manager

Berenice Martínez

Chief Training Officer

Remember!Although in this content you will find us under the name Bizfit, we are now isEazy Engage. We have a new look, but we are still the only app capable of driving engagement in all your training projects.

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