isEazy revolutionizes the training sector by launching its accessible e-learning solutions

  • More than one billion people in the world live with some type of disability, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Given this global scenario, the hiring of people with disabilities has increased by 8% and will continue to rise in the coming years, according to the Adecco Foundation.
  • Despite the need to develop training that guarantees diversity and inclusion in schools and workplaces, only 20% of current online programs are accessible.
  • To promote the implementation of 100% inclusive online training, isEazy launches its accessible e-learning solutions. Thanks to these tools, companies and institutions will be able to provide accessible content for all their students, optimizing time and resources.


Madrid, June 13th 2023 – According to WHO data, more than one billion people in the world live with a disability. In this context, the hiring of people with functional diversity has grown by 8% in the last year, according to data published by the Adecco Foundation. All this highlights the need to transform workspaces to make them more accessible and inclusive. In the field of training, in particular, accessibility presents a significant challenge.

Nowadays, in EU countries such as Spain, it is already mandatory for online content that falls under Public Administration (the entities that manage public services and private companies of special economic importance) to be accessible. It’s therefore only a matter of time before this obligation is extended to other sectors.

Despite this, only 20% of current online training programs are accessible1. This is due, in part, to the complexity of adapting e-learning content to comply with the different laws and standards in force. Not only because it requires knowledge and understanding of specific criteria such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), but because it also requires increasing time and resources in the production process.

To ensure the development and implementation of 100% accessible online training, isEazy, a leading technology company in the development of e-learning tools, has launched a series of new accessible solutions. Thanks to isEazy Author, isEazy Skills and isEazy Factory, companies and institutions will be able to offer accessible training content to all their students.

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