What are microlearning apps and how can they help boost training and engagement?


In the digital age we live in, mobile devices have undeniably become an extension of our lives. They are present in many aspects of our daily routine, from checking the weather before leaving home to making payments in shops and looking for answers to common questions online.  

In fact, according to some recent data, three-quarters of the world’s population aged 10 and over owns a mobile phone. What’s more, our devices have become such inseparable companions, that we also spend around 5 hours a day using them.   

This sparks the question: why not take advantage of a mobile phone’s potential for interaction and learning in the workplace, just as we do on a personal level? 

That’s where microlearning apps come into play. They are a dynamic solution for obtaining information, interacting and training, all from the palm of your hand. Do you want to know more about them? Here we tell you what microlearning apps are, what they are used for and why you need one.

What are microlearning apps and what are they used for? 

Microlearning apps are training tools that make learning a more engaging, fun and easy-to-digest experience. These apps provide users with micro content, which combines concepts and interactive elements such as audios, videos, infographics and more, to increase knowledge retention. 

However, not all microlearning apps focus solely on training.  The best ones also act as a direct channel to reach all employees, even those, who by the nature of their functions, are rarely at a desk, such as frontline workers

What makes them so relevant today is that they are designed both to strengthen the development of professionals, and to reinforce corporate culture, improve participation and productivity. At the same time, they help maintain effective communication and gather all relevant information in one place. 

Why should you offer a microlearning app to your team? 

Although the pandemic radically changed the world of work, there are still many companies that believe that the best channel to communicate with their employees is through email or intranet. 

However, it’s important to understand that not every worker sits behind a desk. In fact, 80% of workers worldwide are frontline employees, without access to a computer. But what do they have access to? Correct! Their mobile phones. 

Through a microlearning app it is possible to reach each and every one of your employees wherever they are, so that they can access information in the most comfortable way, on their own terms.  

How could an employee app boost your team’s training and engagement? 

As we’ve already seen, more and more jobs are based outside the office. The truth is that a microlearning app is the best way to provide easy access to all corporate information and work tools. These apps also offer multiple benefits such as: 

  • Simpler and more effective communication

Traditional communication channels have long ceased to be the ideal solution for organizations. Today, immediate communication channels are more necessary than ever, allowing companies to keep their workers aligned and committed, and professionals to communicate easily and effectively to work more productively. 

Currently, there is a wide variety of digital channels available for communication, for example, social media. Generations like millennials and Gen Z, digital natives who currently make up the majority of the workforce, are not only accustomed to them, but demand this type of instant and effective communication

They are not the only ones. 85% of Gen-X and 67% of Baby Boomers own mobiles. So, since we’re all so familiar with our phones, an employee app is the best place to ensure maximum reach. 

  • Ongoing workflow training

Microlearning is the best methodology to reinforce learning and increase knowledge retention. These learning apps offer teams of all sizes a practical and accessible solution to acquire knowledge in small doses that are very easy to digest and focus on key content. 

In addition to transforming the way employees acquire skills and competencies, microlearning apps offer the ability to access relevant and specific information anytime, anywhere. This means they can make the most of this channel to answer questions or complete tasks in the workflow. 

  • Gather all information in one place

Another standout feature of these applications is that they offer all the knowledge and information that employees need, segmented, structured and in the palm of their hands. The best microlearning apps allow you to include materials in various formats such as manuals, video tutorials or product catalogs, and even add them from external platforms such as Canva or YouTube. 

This ease of access to information prevents professionals from wasting time classifying or filtering content until they find what they need. An app offers you all the documentation organized and available, and even categorized by areas of knowledge, folders or tags, which you can filter through bookmarks or give access to through roles and permissions. 

  • Streamline processes

In the same way that mobile devices make everyday tasks easier, microlearning apps can help employees manage work-related tasks easily. They eliminate the need to access a computer or rely on a supervisor to perform assignments. Through an app it is possible to make daily assignments and monitor their progress and performance through real-time reports. 

  • Improve productivity

By removing physical barriers to accessing information, employees will improve their productivity. Imagine for a second that a member of your team needs to review the features of a certain product in depth. Through an app for employees, you can access the catalog and locate the information you need in seconds, and receive recommendations and recent or related searches, shortening time and obtaining better results. 

It’s like having your own virtual assistant who helps you to avoid relying on a face-to-face supervisor, something especially useful for a frontline worker. 

  • Multimedia and interactive content

With the evolution of social networks and the way we consume content, we have grown accustomed to short-form formats. Short videos, images, infographics, are all resources that best fit our daily rhythm and make microlearning the best methodology for knowledge acquisition. 

A microlearning app provides trainees with relevant and specific information about skills, tasks or procedures in small doses, quickly and conveniently. At the same time, employees will be able to access high-quality learning anytime, anywhere, taking advantage of periods of inactivity during their day. 

Train and engage your team in one place 

As you can see, microlearning apps offer much more than training, they guarantee an increase in productivity, improve employee engagement and communication. By accessing relevant content from their mobiles, employees can acquire knowledge more efficiently and apply it directly to their daily work. 

In addition, the nature of these applications contributes to improving the employee experience, because they meet the needs of the modern workforce, offer a space for each employee to use their voice and facilitate processes. 

Need more proof? Try isEazy Engage, the training app for frontline workers designed to increase engagement and productivity. isEazy Engage offers your professionals training, communication, knowledge and task management, all in one place and through an app specially designed for them. Try our app for free and start discovering all its benefits. 


Josefina Castelán


Josefina Castelán

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