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Evaluate and optimize each phase of your project and measure its impact by person, department, geographic area, or at the whole-company level.

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How to manage a bespoke training experience for a growing team with isEazy LMS


A learning management system (LMS) allows you to identify, plan, execute and evaluate all your training content, prioritizing the user experience and making learning engaging. Discover more information about isEazy LMS features here.

isEazy LMS allows you to improve training management by guaranteeing a unique and personalized learning experience for every user, improving engagement ratios, progress and ensuring completeness of training. This translates into more efficient and effective management of learning within your company.

A good learning management system should feature numerous functionalities and automations that drastically reduce training management time. isEazy LMS offers an enhanced user experience including blocks and cards, bookmarks, search engines and informal learning tools such as forums and virtual classrooms. These features ensure more attractive, dynamic and flexible training for your employees.

With a learning management system like isEazy LMS you can manage everything from a simple course to a complete corporate university. In addition, you can configure courses for each profile and in any training modality: online, blended or in-person.

isEazy LMS offers 24/7 access to training content from any location with an internet connection, as well as multi-device accessibility. This is especially beneficial for remote teams or teams with flexible schedules, giving them the convenience of accessing their training when it suits them best.

The intuitive interface of isEazy LMS makes it easy to manage and administer courses as well as training materials. You can efficiently upload, organize and update content, as well as assign courses and track progress centrally.

isEazy LMS comes with an innovative Business Intelligence module that allows you to evaluate the progress and learning of all students, whether by individual person, department, geographic area, or at the whole-company level. Discover more in this post.

isEazy LMS supports integration with other human resource management tools and corporate systems, including SAP, Oracle and Office. This allows for more efficient management of training and synchronization of data relevant to strategic decision making in the company. 

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CSV, API or integrated with your corporate software: SAP, Oracle, Office...

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We are ISO 20.000 and 27.001 certified.

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Aligned with GDPR and multiple authentication methods.

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