How we optimized the e-learning content creation process at Cuatrecasas


Law firm




14 countries


+1600 professionals 24 nationalities

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Cuatrecasas is a law firm with experience in all areas of business law. Their legal services are based on their experience and business insight, and on the skills and continuous training of their lawyers. This expertise has made them leaders in their field in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

However, to train the more than 1,600 professionals with 24 different nationalities, Cuatrecasas neededa user-friendly and dynamic toolthat would allow them to generate their own e-learning content quickly and autonomously.

As Gemma Villalbí, Training Manager at Cuatrecasas, points out, “the content editor tools we had worked with before were complex, and required a high level of technical expertise and a great deal of time to learn how to use them.” But isEazy Authoris different. Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface and its slide-based layout system, any member of the training department can create e-learning courses without any previous technical know-how.

In this regard, Cuatrecasas has managed to meet its training objectives in just a couple of years, generating more than 100 different types of content. In addition, thanks to the use of different interactive resources such as infographics, games or quizzes, they were able to create much more impactful and entertaining content for their employees.

With isEazy Author, the company now has a unique tool, tailored to their specific needs, which allows them to:

  • – Access and create online courses right from the start.
  • Facilitate the organization of tasks and teamwork.
  • Minimize content production time.
  • Enable different team members to work on the same project at the same time.

Explained by

cuatrecasas gemma

Gemma Villalbí

Training Manager

Remember! Although in this content you will find us under the name isEazy, our authoring tool is now called isEazy Author. We have a new look, but we are still the #1 software for creating e-learning courses.

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