How to take your in-person training online with the right authoring tool

The last few years have revolutionized the way corporate training is managed and carried out. Between remote working and advances in technology, many companies have made the shift to an online training model in the hope of minimizing risks and maximizing resources in line with their training objectives.  

But efficiency isn’t the only factor that has brought about this change. This shift to a predominantly digital way of working has led to changes in the habits of employees, which has forced companies to implement training programs that respond to these needs and preferences. 

What benefits can e-learning bring to your company? 

Organizations that are better prepared for this new reality will gain a significant advantage over those that are not, ensuring more qualified and competitive employees. 

Data from The World Economic Forum also shows that learners retain between 25% and 60% more information in online processes, rather than in person ones. This is mainly because e-learning requires between 40% and 60% less time to learn, giving students the opportunity to progress at their own pace.  

Discover how to succeed with your corporate online training 

Despite the many benefits of online training, there are still companies that are resistant to change. The age of the workforce, as well as a limited budget for training, can make the transition difficult. 

This whitepaper is designed to help you overcome these challenges. Discover how to make the leap to an online training model, step by step, in an agile and efficient way. 


Download our whitepaper and learn:

  1. How corporate online training models have evolved in recent years. 
  2. The main difficulties when implementing an online training plan. 
  3. Key factors to successfully switch from a classroom-based training model to 100% online. 

And much more… 

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