Increase the reach of your training

How to translate your courses easily with isEazy Author?

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Learn how to translate your courses with isEazy Author

If your company has a global workforce located in different countries, or if you simply want to market your courses in several languages, you need to be able to translate your content quickly.

Translating and localizing your training content increases the reach of your courses, helps you build loyalty among your modern learners, and allows you to better connect with your audience. But above all, it ensures that you can provide an inclusive experience where no professional is left out.

For this reason, we developed this webinar in which you will discover how to increase the reach of your e-learning courses with isEazy Author’s translation tools. Don’t miss it!

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Benefits of translating your e-learning courses.
  • isEazy Author translation features and how to use them.
  • Recommendations and tips to optimize your translation process.
  • Questions from the attendees of the online event.

Discover how to use isEazy Author's translation features to improve the reach of your courses.

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Webinar en directo: Cómo utilizar la IA en tuherramienta de autor ¡Inscríbete!

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