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What is customer training in e-learning?

Customer training refers to the process of educating customers on how to effectively use a product or service, in order to get the most out of their experience with it. In e-learning, customer training is delivered through online learning platforms, which may include learning management systems (LMS), or various other training tools.

Customer training provides customers with digital content in the form of videos, downloadable documents, interactive modules and other multimedia resources. Training can be accessed at any time or place from a device connected to the internet. Furthermore, it covers a wide array of topics, from how to use products or services correctly, to problem-solving, updates, new features, and more.

The importance of customer training for companies

Customer training has become an increasingly common and valuable practice for modern companies. Its value lies in improving the customer experience, as it provides useful information that will allow them to use products or services more efficiently. By involving customers more deeply in the brand through training, it’s possible to generate an increase of up to 66% in sales and 25% in loyalty, according to Gallup.

Additionally, training helps clients find the best way to achieve their goals (as connected to a product or service), which further increases their level of commitment. It also reduces errors and problems, actually reducing the need for constant support from a company. Finally, training helps to produce more satisfied customers who are in turn more likely to recommend products and services to others, generating an overall positive effect for the company.

The key benefits of implementing a customer training program

Implementing customer training programs, especially through e-learning platforms, brings a host of benefits to a business:

Improves customer retention

Effective training contributes to customer retention by heightening satisfaction and loyalty levels. Crucially, loyal customers are 23% more likely to spend on the same brand.

Reduces costs

Empowered customers are less likely to seek constant help from a company, thereby reducing costs associated with customer services and support.

Competitive differentiation

Offering customer training programs can differentiate a company from others, providing added value that goes far beyond the product or service itself.

Enhanced public image

Investment in customer training is a reflection of a company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment improves the image and public perception of the brand.

Increased sales

Customer training is the perfect way to encourage repeat sales, by transforming customers into brand advocates who will promote your products or services wherever they go.

How to design an effective online customer training program

Designing an effective online customer training program requires you to consider several key elements:

A good structure and clear objectives

First, training objectives should be clearly defined in order to ensure that training content is relevant. It should also be structured in as logical a way as possible for customers, so that they can effectively navigate between simple and highly complex concepts.

Quality content

Training content must not only be attractive, but also provide all the key information that allows customers to get the most out of the product or service in question. You can include video tutorials, simulations, images, and interactive assessments in your training to hit these targets while keeping things interesting.


A good customer training program should be flexible and easy to access through multiple devices and platforms. This is an important part of guaranteeing customer comfort and satisfaction.

Open support channels

Support channels should also be easy to access, open at all times, and regularly updated to reflect product or service improvements.

Consistent feedback

Gathering regular feedback from clients is vital, as it allows you to continually improve the training program by identifying areas for improvement.

When creating a customer training program, it’s especially important to focus on the creation of high quality training materials. To achieve this, you need a simple authoring tool – one that allows you to create online courses packed with attractive multimedia resources in just a few minutes. Are you looking for the best? We present isEazy Author, the number 1 authoring tool on the market, which lets you design and share your own training content with agility and autonomy.

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Josefina Castelán
Josefina Castelán
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