How to create a simulation-based learning

Learn to use isEazy Author interactive linked scenes

simulation based learing

Create simulations and knowledge journeys with isEazy Author' linked scenes interactive!

Linked scene interactive elements are versatile; how you use them depends on your imagination. It works by designing a series of screens or scenes with a background image and other navigation elements that will allow the user to access deeper layers using on-screen navigation. You can add interest points, text, photos, and other interactive resources in every scenery you develop. The idea is to create a simulation-based learning experience or stories to captivate your learners and boost knowledge.

What can you do with linked scenes interactive?

  • Creation of didactic maps with different levels.
  • The invention of interactive maps of one level.
  • Design of application or prototype simulations.
  • Develop questions and answers with interactive feedback.

What will you learn in this webinar?

Don’t miss our webinar on-demand and take your learners into an interactive journey of knowledge. Learn to create compelling and engaging courses with linked scenes!

1. How can you use the linked scenes interactive and its functionalities.

2. How to set up linked scenes isEazy Author interactive.

3. Actual examples of what you can do with this interactive and case studies.


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