Corporate training with Mobile Learning, everything you need to know


Smartphones have become the leading device for communication, entertainment, and above all, for obtaining information. Thanks to Google and the different search engines available, getting access to new knowledge is as easy as typing a question or using the voice assistant, and in a few seconds, we have the answer or solution. Mobile Learning is born from […]

How to measure training effectiveness: A practical guide

measure training effectiveness

A company’s investment in employee training programs is intended to improve employee performance and productivity, and therefore the business. However, how can we be sure of the success of our training efforts? How can we know if the employees really learn? Will they apply this knowledge in their jobs? And more importantly, was it worth […]

Microlearning explained: A training solution for the modern workforce!

Microlearning: a training solution for the modern workforce

The attention span reduction, the evolution of the work environment towards a more dynamic one, and the attempt to keep up with the arrival of a much more digitized world have forced corporations to rethink their training approaches; this is when microlearning gained ground. Microlearning is one of the main e-learning trends in the current years and a […]

#9 things L&D should do to create addictive training

9 Things L&D should do to create addictive training

Employee training is key to improving competitiveness and productivity in any company. A worker who increases their professional skills and motivation is an excellent asset to the organization. Creating powerful and compelling learning experiences is necessary to achieve this. As learning leaders, L&D must develop creative and engaging e-learning content to motivate employees to engage […]

How to apply SDGs to your corporate culture with isEazy ESG

The SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals are an essential part of the 2030 Agenda and function as “pressure points” that can affect the well-being of the entire planet and the people who live on it. When considering developing a sustainable company culture that believes in the SDGs, what actions should we consider to achieve it? Read on […]

#9 Key elements to a successful training program

9 Things L&D should do to create addictive training

The constant changes since the pandemic have accelerated the need for companies to create better employee training programs. In a different scenario than the past ten years, enterprises worldwide have taken a step into the future through e-learning and technology.  L&D departments must prepare to deliver a truly successful training program for this era by thinking about […]

Benefits of e-learning in the workplace

benefits e-learning workplace

In recent years, how employees are trained has taken a radical turn. Now e-learning has become the favorite option for companies since it allows online training activities through any device that can connect to the Internet. But beyond connectivity, what are the benefits of e-learning in the workplace? Read on and find out in this […]

What is Hybrid learning?: The future of corporate training

Hybrid learning

We all know that organizations develop and grow through employees, their ideas, skills, and effort. That’s why training employees should be a priority in any business, and hybrid learning is a good option for a learning program. Corporate training has gone through an extended evolutionary process, going through various approaches and strategies until it was […]

#10 Skills Every HR Leader should Have in 2023

10 HR leaders skills for 2023

10 habilidades que todo líder de RR. HH debe tener en 2023[1]  Aquí les dejo el primer borrador. Quedo pendiente de cualquier corrección. Saludos. What makes it possible for any organization to grow, be able to resolve conflicts, and adapt to changes, are the employees. And one of the most critical parts in the selection […]

How to choose the best online employee training software

employee training software

To conduct an effective online training plan for employees, you need to have a learning management system or LMS. Do you know how to choose yours? In this post, we tell you about the features that cannot be missing from your software and the benefits of using an LMS in your company. Keep reading! What […]