Rapid learning

What is rapid learning and how does it speed up content creation?

Rapid learning is a methodology that streamlines the creation of online courses. Unlike traditional methods that can take months, rapid Learning allows you to develop educational content in a matter of days or hours thanks to the use of authoring tools and microlearning techniques. The goal is to achieve efficient and fast content production, using standardized processes, reusing existing resources, and following instructional design models.

This methodology is characterized by its creative flexibility, leaving room for educational content to be adjusted according to the specific needs of students. Once created, these materials can be distributed through LMS platforms, direct links or even email.

Advantages and challenges of rapid learning in corporate training

Rapid learning is popular, both in the academic and business world, thanks to its multiple benefits. However, we must also consider the challenges involved in its implementation.

Advantages of rapid learning

  • Saves time and increase productivity
  • Low production costs
  • High level of customization
  • Content can be updated easily
  • Applicable to different areas
  • Allows you to include dynamic and engaging content formats
  • Instant results and immediate feedback
  • Improve ROI in training

Challenges of rapid learning

  • People may consider courses to be monotonous and uncreative
  • Risk of low-quality content
  • Lack of personalization if not properly considered

How to implement rapid learning in a company?

Fortunately, the above challenges can be overcome by implementing a rapid learning strategy. But how? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Reuse content

Repurpose your company’s existing content, such as presentations, manuals, or training materials. This will save you time and resources, and ensure that the training is effective, by using already approved and relevant material.

2. Use an e-learning platform

If you want your rapid learning strategy to be a success, you should think about investing in an e-learning platform that suits your needs. Choose one that has an accessible virtual environment, where employees can access courses and content intuitively and easily.

3. Save time and effort with the use of templates

To speed up the process, rapid learning suggests the use of predesigned templates for courses and learning materials. These usually offer an attractive and flexible structure, allowing content creators to focus on the quality and relevance of the material, and not so much on its design.

4. Include interactive resources

Another characteristic of rapid learning is the use of dynamic materials, such as multimedia elements, videos, images, games, exercises, quizzes and more. Integrating these elements into your training plans will allow you to encourage the active participation of learners.

Tools to implement rapid learning successfully

There are several tools that can facilitate the effective implementation of rapid learning in a company, such as e-learning platforms and interactive content creation tools.

Authoring tools are also key to rapid learning. This software for creating online courses features extensive templates, graphic resources and customization options.

Not sure where to start? With isEazy Author, you can design, edit and share spectacular courses in minutes, without the need for previous experience. This tool allows you to create accessible, attractive and dynamic e-learning courses in an agile and autonomous way. With an intuitive interface and a wide variety of interactive resources, isEazy Author can help you reinvent your e-learning.

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