Job Shadowing

What is Job Shadowing?

Job Shadowing is a professional development technique that involves a trainee employee observing a colleague carrying out their tasks. This allows them to experience first-hand what is required of them in their role.

How Job Shadowing benefits professional growth

Provides immersive learning

Training through Job Shadowing allows the employee to gain real-time insights into how their tasks are performed, the challenges they may face, and how to overcome them.

Promotes collaborative learning

Pairing up for Job Shadowing encourages teamwork as the two employees can share experiences and combine best practices to efficiently complete tasks.

Soft skills development

During the Job Shadowing period, the trainee employee develops soft skills by observing what’s needed for effective communication within their team. They also discover the best way to manage their time and learn how to successfully resolve conflicts.

Tips for successfully implementing Job Shadowing in your company

Before implementing Job Shadowing, it’s important to consider these guidelines:

Set clear objectives

Defining specific goals is crucial for applying this strategy. Do you need to develop technical skills? Do you want to foster leadership? Are you considering Job Shadowing for your onboarding plan? Having these objectives clear will guide you in planning and execution.

Pair up appropriately for Job Shadowing

Carefully define the pairs who will participate in this training. Consider job roles, the experience of the “mentor,” and their soft skills to effectively convey the necessary knowledge for professional development.

Determine a reasonable timeframe for Job Shadowing

The duration of Job Shadowing should be long enough to gain deep insight but not so long as to disrupt daily operations. A few days or a week is usually enough to have a positive impact.

Create a space for addressing questions

Before starting, clearly establish expectations and the process with participants. Additionally, you can assign a supervisor to answer questions and provide support during the process.

Conclude with feedback

At the end of this training period, encourage participants to share their experiences and the lessons learned. This feedback can be invaluable for refining and enhancing future processes.

Job Shadowing is a powerful tool that has the potential to transform learning within your company and soft skills training is a great way to compliment it. By developing skills such as communication and teamwork means you’ll ensure your employees get the most out of the shadowing process. isEazy Skills offers a comprehensive catalogue of power skills and digital abilities, to help them grow professionally.

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Sara De la Torre
Sara De la Torre
Content Marketing Manager at isEazy

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