What is onboarding and why is it so important to the employee experience?

Onboarding is the integration process in which new employees are welcomed and introduced to a company. This process is essential to the employee experience, as it lays the foundation for a successful relationship between them and the company. 

A well-designed onboarding process goes far beyond a simple presentation. It should introduce an employee to the company’s corporate culture, help them adapt to their new role, and provide them with the tools and resources they need to achieve success. If done correctly, organizations will be able to establish a bond with staff and strengthen their commitment from day one – an essential factor for talent retention. 

How to design an effective onboarding process for new team members

There is no one-size-fits-all onboarding model for all companies. Its design will depend on several aspects such as the type of company, as well as the shape of its team, culture and objectives. However, there are some key elements to consider when planning a successful onboarding process: 

Advance planning

A company’s onboarding process must be a collective effort. This means that each team member must be clear about their role and responsibilities during the process. It’s important to create an itinerary of all the individual meetings that will take place, and share it with every department, from human resources to managers and colleagues. When each professional is clear about their role, they’ll have the confidence to get to know the company and learn at an appropriate pace. 


Each new employee is unique, which is why the onboarding process must be adapted to their unique needs and expectations. A personalized onboarding process can include a list of specific tasks for each employee, the assignment of a mentor, and a follow-up plan to ensure the professional is adapting properly to their new role. 

Training and development

Any successful onboarding program should provide ongoing training to help the employee acquire the skills they need for their new position. This can include one-time training sessions or online resources such as employee courses and apps. 


It is also important to establish a means of receiving feedback from the employee during their onboarding process. Surveys or follow-up meetings are ideal tools to achieve this, allowing you to improve and adjust elements of the process for the future. 

Strategies for successfully integrating new employees into a company

Successful onboarding is key to achieving employee engagement and improving long-term performance. Here are some of the best strategies to achieve it: 

Carry out pre-onboarding

Pre-onboarding begins from the moment a candidate receives their offer of employment, and continues until they start their first day at the company. Starting the onboarding process before that all-important first day means providing plentiful information and resources ahead of time. This will allow the new member to become familiar with the company and maintain open communication during the hiring process, building trust and peace of mind. 

Assign a mentor

A mentor or experienced colleague can provide the new employee with the guidance and support they need to ease their adjustment into the new role. 

Emphasize your corporate culture

Immersing new employees in the company’s corporate culture should be one of the main objectives of the onboarding process. This can be achieved by organizing activities that set out the company’s values, mission and vision. 

Rely on technology

Technological tools can make onboarding processes significantly easier, assisting with anything from contract signing to process automation. But it doesn’t stop there – today you can transfer your entire onboarding process to a mobile app that brings together all the information, communication channels and training resources that new employees need to successfully integrate into your team. 

And if that sounds like a good proposition, then we have the tool to make it a reality. isEazy Engage is the ideal app to guide your professionals through the onboarding process from day one, wherever they are. With our app you can offer your employees all the training, communication, knowledge and task management features they need for a successful onboarding and, what’s more, with everything in one place. Are you ready? Request a demo! 

Josefina Castelán
Josefina Castelán
Content Marketing Specialist at isEazy

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