Digital learning for your frontline workers: how to get better results with less effort

frontline workers

Without a doubt, frontline workers play an essential role in any company, as they are the first to represent your brand and capture your customers’ interest. Their interactions can hugely impact the customers’ opinions of the company and its products or services. That’s why it is so important that these employees receive the development and training opportunities they deserve to offer the best possible customer experience.

Fortunately, thanks to integrating new technologies within the workplace, we can give frontline workers the digital tools necessary to train them, increase their productivity and even improve the customer experience.

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Technology: frontline workers’ greatest ally

Today, all frontline workers depend on digital devices to carry out their work, regardless of the sector they belong to. A lack of technology, or a lack of knowledge on how to use said technology, can end up causing significant problems when it comes to carrying out their tasks and, most importantly, in terms of customer experience.

More specifically, technology can be key in improving workers’ productivity. Digitize as many manual processes as possible to allow your employees to focus their time on other tasks that add greater value. For example, implement software that allows them to clock in and out remotely.

Suppose you’re worried about keeping your employees up to date with everything in your company (even if they never set foot in the office). In that case, you can also digitize your noticeboards to offer them access to the latest news and updates Or, for example, you can connect them to the organization using an instant-messaging tool. This will be useful to keep in touch with other employees and communicate with their line managers through private or group chats. What’s more, as well as making communication easier, these tools promote informal learning, as they will be able to ask their colleagues any questions that may arise, feeling supported each step.

frontline workers

Finally, consider this example. Imagine that an employee at one of your points of sale cannot answer a customer’s question about a certain product. Things would be much easier if they had access to a knowledge portal offering immediate, direct access to the information they need. Thanks to apps that provide access to all corporate knowledge, technology can allow you to achieve this.

And that’s just the beginning… Just think, what other situations can you imagine where technology could make your frontline workers’ lives easier?

Redesign your frontline workers’ training experience

Beyond the various tools, you can implement within your organization to make your frontline workers’ lives easier; you must devise a specific training plan for them that can be used to solve real-life problems, which they can work on anywhere and at any time.

As well as sharing training content adapted to the specific needs of each team member (legal, product, compliance, culture, etc.), with a training app, you can use a range of dynamic features and different formats to improve their learning experience.

Mobile devices allow you to add interactive and multimedia content to your courses and training actions. Videos, audio files, exercises, and more will make learning much more fun. On top of all this, you can also include games, challenges, and levels to gamify your training and make it truly addictive.

isEazy Engage, our corporate training app, has been specially designed to create training courses capable of supporting your employees in their daily work. With it, your frontline workers will have all the training, communication, and corporate knowledge they need right in their hands. Its high-impact micro-content, as well as its social, collaborative, and gamified content, is guaranteed to hook your frontline workers right from the get-go. Start empowering your frontline workers!


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