How to use feedback effectively in your assessments

Our assessments are increasingly more complete and there are lots of different ways to adapt them to the type of exam you want for your users. There are different basic parameters that you can configure: Bank of questions: from the total number of questions, you can choose how many you want to appear each time […]

Images used to support learning

Images used to support learning

We are sure you’ve heard this Chinese proverb many times: a picture is worth a thousand words. But have you thought about the power of images in learning? Continue reading, and we will tell you how to leverage images in your courses to make them more powerful, impactful, and educational. ­ The objective of your […]

¿Qué preguntas debes hacerte al crear un test de evaluación?

crear un test de evaluacion

El test de evaluación al final de un curso e-learning es la herramienta perfecta para ayudarte a valorar la comprensión y la asimilación de los contenidos del curso por parte de los alumnos. Las evaluaciones también te ayudan a reforzar el material aprendido, recordándole al alumno cuáles son los puntos clave del aprendizaje. Es por […]