isEazy Author: Among the top e-learning software of 2023 

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Good news is meant to be shared! That’s why the isEazy Author team is thrilled to announce that Software World has once again named us one of the top authoring tools in the market, in the category of Best e-Learning Software 2023. 

In this list, you can see how isEazy Author compares to other tools regarding functionalities, benefits, prices, and more, giving you a comprehensive idea of what sets us apart from other e-learning solutions. 

Being featured on a leading platform for reviews and opinions on a variety of technological solutions makes this achievement even more special. This recognition not only comes from e-learning professionals but also provides us with greater visibility and credibility in a highly competitive sector. 

About Software world 

Software World makes life easier for content creators by offering a platform for comparing software based on real user reviews and ratings. One of its strengths lies in the unbiased information provided by professionals on the e-learning software’s performance. In summary, it enables you to find the best solution for your needs directly and independently. 

Why is isEazy Author one of the most highly regarded e-learning software in the market? 

For us, the answer is simple: technology, efficiency, commitment to innovation and a passion for making e-learning content creation easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are a large company, SME, freelancer, or academic institution, isEazy Author can help you create spectacular courses in minutes. 

isEazy Author benefits 

Here are some of the many benefits our tool offers over other major companies: 

  • Slide-based editing system and a wide variety of pre-defined templates that you can customize to match your corporate branding, easier and faster than ever. 
  • No need for prior training or installation; you can start creating professional content right from the get-go. 
  • A diverse range of interactive resources like games, exercises, tests, infographics, and interactive videos that allow your audience to learn while having fun. 
  • 100% responsive and cloud-based courses. Edit simultaneously with your team, and adapt content for any device. 
  • The option to share your content wherever and whenever you want through SCORM, web, or direct links. You decide which option suits your needs best. Additionally, you can create and customize your training environment with isEazy Author Go. 
  • Accessible content: isEazy Author enables you to create automatically accessible e-learning courses that comply with 100% of the AA criteria and 80% of the AAA criteria of WACG. 

And much more! 

Create your first online course now and discover for yourself the functionalities that have placed isEazy Author among the top e-learning tools of 2023. Try it for free




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