Growth mindset

Change the way your employees think about your company's training

When implementing an online training plan, beyond ensuring the learning experience, the quality of the training content or ensuring that it is correctly distributed to all members of the organization, there are external factors that are very difficult to control. For example: what is going through employees’ minds when you launch a new training program, what do they think when you publish new e-learning courses, do they really want to improve their skills and knowledge, or do they do it out of obligation? How your employees perceive training can determine the success or failure of your training project.

A growth mindset assumes that there is always room to grow and continue to learn and improve. This mentality encourages people to overcome challenges as well as to take risks. This gives rise to creativity and innovation, which in turn leads to the constant search for new ideas and solutions.

But what about corporate training? By developing a growth mindset, professionals will assume that there is always room to grow and continue learning. And in this sense, they will see learning as an improvement, both on a personal and professional level.

Growth mindset: the superpower of organizations to empower their employees

It is clear that, for a company, training goes beyond simply upskilling its professionals. In fact, it increases the team’s productivity, boosts their motivation, fosters greater trust in the organization itself, creates a feeling of belonging in the company and reduces the feeling of career stagnation. And those are just the benefits for employees. At the organizational level, investment in training is essential to sustain a company’s long-term survival. Above all, because it will have a direct bearing on their ability to innovate and adapt to possible changes in the work environment.

Implementing a growth mindset will therefore help companies get into the habit of training and as we have seen, they’ll be able to reap the benefits.


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