Integración entres isEazy LMS y Factorial

isEazy LMS + Factorial, the perfect integration that automatically synchronizes your LMS with your employees’ data

Now it’s easier than ever to improve your employees’ learning experience and simplify personnel management, as isEazy teams up with the leading human resources management software Factorial. The result? Automatic synchronization between the isEazy LMS and employee data in Factorial when you deploy your company’s online training. 

Not only will you save time, you’ll also ensure that all your employee status information gets automatically updated in the isEazy LMS platform. Integrate your company’s Factorial data – including registrations, cancellations, and organizational shifts – with your LMS to efficiently organize your training plans. 

From now on, you can synchronize the following data between Factorial and isEazy LMS: 

  • Employee registrations.
  • Employee withdrawals.
  • Employee data (and updates): employee code; name and surname; age; gender; telephone and email; personal ID number; job; parent company, contributing accounts; SS number; seniority ; etc.


Say goodbye to tedious manual data transfer processes, thanks to our automatic synchronization that transfers all personnel and organizational data from Factorial to the isEazy LMS via API.

This simple, agile integration will allow you to track the entire employee learning experience and create custom training plans tailored to your professionals’ needs. But it doesn’t stop there, as there are even more benefits to be reaped: 

  • Reduce your LMS implementation times.
  • Automatically create calls, exams, certifications, etc. 
  • Comply fully with training obligations.


Transfer your employee data to Factorial, and get the most out of the isEazy LMS learning experience. Discover the perfect pair for your team of hard-working professionals. 

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