User generated content: Empowering learners to create and share

What if you had a legion of loyal learners and employees creating content? This is what user generated content is all about! There’s a wealth of internal information that can be overseen but it is a great source of inspiration for L&D teams, subject matter experts, and instructional designers. Some

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The role of AI in HR: How it’s reshaping the landscape

AI in human resources is gaining traction and playing a pivotal role, as per data from Gartner 38% of HR leaders have already implemented AI or at least are planning to do so to gain more efficiency. Furthermore, AI is redefining the HR landscape and poses a new paradigm of

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What are authoring tools: best features & how to choose one

Over recent years, education has undergone a dramatic transformation, making it a more online process than ever before. Widespread digitalization has forced educational institutions, companies and individual employees alike to adapt to a host of advanced new online learning formats. This in turn has made authoring tools essential software for

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Mastering internal communications: Strategies for success

Effective internal communications are one of the cornerstones of an organization’s success. Surprisingly, a staggering 80% of employees will prioritize a company’s commitment to transparent communications over enticing incentives, this highlights the vital role it plays in shaping workplace satisfaction and loyalty. Acknowledging the transformative force of effective communications within

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