Custom e-learning content for businesses

isEazy Factory is an innovative design hub that specializes in transforming ordinary training materials into engaging online learning content.


Benefits of bespoke training for companies

Overcome the challenges of in-house content creation with customized e-learning solutions developed by the experts.

Save time and money

Outsourcing your course creation means you’ll reduce time and production costs x5!

Rely on professionals

With 20+ years of experience, our team knows how to develop content that gets results.

Improve engagement

Content is designed to engage learners and boost participation with 25+ types of interactive resources.

Corporate training materials adapted to your company

We take care of the entire development process from start to finish, creating high quality, accessible e-learning content that’s unique to your organization.

Professional courses, minimal effort

Now it’s possible!


Templates for any educational purposes or needs

We offer a wide variety of best practices and sample courses, so you can choose the one that best suits your training purposes.

  • Know how your courses will turn out from the first moment and keep control over your training project.
  • Customize the template with your corporate colors, fonts and logos and adapt it to your company’s look & feel.
  • If you prefer, we can also create a custom template, based on your specific needs.

We create courses that are tailored to your needs

You just have to provide us with the documentation you want to include in your courses, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

Our team will find the most appropriate interactive and multimedia elements to facilitate training and engage your audience.


We enhance your courses

Increase participation and knowledge retention, thanks to our more than 25 multimedia and interactive elements.

In addition, discover our powerful audiovisual studio. Use our videos as an introduction, as a summary or as a reminder of the key ideas and increase the impact of your training program.

The best tools and technology for customized e-learning solutions

Tired of providers that can’t handle all of your needs? Trust our team of professionals who specialize in creating effective e-learning courses from start to finish.

Pedagogical consulting

Content creation by experts

Design and production of documents

Multimedia design

Professional voice-overs in multiple languages

Translations and transcriptions

Special integrations

Tutoring and Project Management

And much more…


At isEazy Factory we make it easily. You only need to choose your template based on your specific learning needs and objectives. Then, we’ll bring your source material to life to create the best courses. It’s that easy!

Of course! You just have to provide us with the documentation you want to include in your courses, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our team of over 50 in-house designers put their years of expertise and the latest technology in e-learning into practice to develop bespoke content that encourages interaction, using professional voice overs, translations, podcasts, games and beyond.

The possibilities are endless. With isEazy Factory you can decide on the course content yourself, or work with our team of experts to develop pedagogical resources designed with online training trends in mind.

The process is simple. Simply choose the template that best suits you, we’ll bring your source material to life in line with this format and enhance it with multi-media resources to captivate your employees

This all depends on your content. We can develop everything from a single document design to an entire course depending on your training goals.

We’ll work with you to develop a custom brief that means we deliver on time and on budget in line with your expectations, no matter the size of your project.

Don’t worry! You can use our award-winning authoring tool, isEazy Author to edit your content, giving you flexibility and autonomy for the future.

What are you waiting for?

Reduce time and production costs of your e-learning courses five-fold.

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Design and share your own training content.


Bespoke content creation in record time.


Learning and management centred on the user experience.


A complete catalogue for upskilling your team.


Gamification app for boosting the success of your training.


Sustainable app with a wide range of courses online.