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What is SCORM software and what is it used for?

Our SCORM course creation software lets you create, manage, and distribute online learning content in a compatible and reusable way, ensuring its distribution and tracking through different learning management systems (LMS). 

Key features of our SCORM course creation software

Our tool allows you to create and manage e-learning courses in an intuitive and efficient way. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can offer employees and students high-impact learning experiences.

Ease of use

Preconfigured slides, WYSIWYG editor, image catalog, reusable content.


Template generation, color palettes, typography, image editing and more.


Multimedia elements such as videos, podcasts and interactive videos, games, exercises and evaluations.

Automatic accessibility

Dual mode, built-in contextual help, tailored user experience, accessible games and interactives...


Translations, video creation with presenters, voice-overs, final evaluation and automatic subtitling - all thanks to AI!


Several distribution options to make sure nothing holds you back: Author Go, SCORM, xAPI, intranet/web, direct link.

The nº1 SCORM course creation software

Discover what sets us apart from other tools:

  • Simplicity 

    It is all in the cloud, with no need for technical knowledge or previous training. 

  • Agile 

    Create e-learning courses 3 times faster, with engaging visual content and ready-to-use resources. Select, customize, and you’re done! 

  • High-quality results 

    The most impactful interactives for a 100% effective training that will engage your audience.


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Frequently asked questions about SCORM software

SCORM software are platforms designed to create, manage, and distribute e-learning content. They are ideal for designers, trainers, and organizations that need to create learning assets that are reusable and compatible with SCORM standards (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), ensuring their usability in different online learning platforms.

There are several ways of creating SCORM content, one of them is using authoring tools that convert existing files into SCORM packages, without the need for external tools. If you want to know more details about how to do it, here’s a complete stepby-step guide to create SCORM.

Switching to a new SCORM Software can vary in difficulty, it depends on the compatibility between the new software and your current LMS, as well as the complexity level of the existing e-learning content formats. Nevertheless, the SCORM standard lets you reuse and exchange content between different systems, which can simplify the migration.

Yes, content created with SCORM software can be personalized using authoring tools that are compatible with SCORM. These tools let you edit your project and make changes to your content at any time. With isEazy Author you can customize your courses easily in just a few steps. Create your own corporate templates, change the color palette, use your corporate fonts or choose one from our extensive catalog and apply filters, transparencies or blurs to the images of your project. 

Of course! Many SCORM providers offer free trials or demos. For example, you can register in isEazy Author and enjoy your free plan for unlimited time, and it’s totally free without having to leave your credit card information!

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