Continuous training courses to upskill your entire workforce

Drive the talent of your professionals with the most complete power skills course catalog.  


Benefits of our continuous training courses for the development of your team

Ready to take your team to the next level? With isEazy Skills you can access agile, interactive, and accessible continuous training courses to drive professional development, improve talent retention, and set your business for success.  


Continuous training

The most complete and updated catalog with the latest trends.


Reach your employees anytime, anywhere. Just like their favorite show!


Attractive and efficient courses to engage your team.


Knowledge retention

Content designed to increase retention by 80%.

The course catalog that your team needs

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your team? Discover our continuous training course catalog designed to meet any need, profile, job role or industry and prepare your team to succeed in 8 key company areas.  

Features of our continuous training courses

Improve your skills and competency training results adapting them to new learning methods.

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  • Flat rate

    Access our complete catalog with more than 540 courses of continuous training courses, available in more than 8 languages and with new content every month. . 

  • More agile courses

    Designed to meet the content consumption trends of new generations of employees, with agile and effective lessons that adapt to any learning style.

  • Accessible training

    For a more inclusive learning environment where every employee can fully develop.

Courses that adapt to the needs of your professionals

Simplify your team’s training with isEazy Skills different types of courses. From quick microlearning content to more detailed sessions, everything you need in one place.  


50-70 Minute courses

Elevate your team’s knowledge with the most agile and interactive courses that will captivate their attention from the very first moment.    

15-20 Minute courses

Surprise your team with shorter, more specific and accessible courses designed to train them in concrete behaviors and situations in their day-to-day.

A 100% practical methodology to propel learning in your team

Do you want your employees to really engage in learning? At isEazy Skills we rely on the learning by doing methodology to offer continuous training courses that provide an immersive experience for skills development. 

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Your questions answered

Continuous training is a learning process that allows professionals to acquire and constantly update their skills and relevant knowledge in their field of work. Its objective is to enhance learning and help obtain new skills. That’s why many companies offer their employees courses designed to keep them updated in the major areas of job development.  

As opposed to traditional training, which is more structured and with a fixed duration, continuous learning adapts to the evolving needs of the students and labor market. The objective of continuous learning is to constantly update a person’s skills and knowledge in their field of work, it might even include courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, or certificate programs amongst others. 

There are different types of continuous training courses. At isEazy Skills, we offer a wide variety of courses on topics such as leadership, communication, time management, digital mindset, sustainability and diversity, and more. In addition, our courses are available in more than 8 languages and are accessible to meet the needs of all professionals

The duration of our continuing training courses varies according to the topic and objective of the training. For example, at isEazy Skills we offer two types of courses for skills development: a 50–70-minute format based on microlearning and with multiple interactive elements that enhance knowledge, and a shorter, 15–20-minute format, designed to develop new guidelines, techniques, and processes in an agile way  

At isEazy Skills we offer different plans so you can invest in the professional development of your team. With the flat rate option, you will have access to the most complete catalog of soft skills and digital skills courses without limits! 

Continuous training for your whole workforce

We offer a flat rate for upskilling courses and programs for your team.  

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