isEazy is participating in PERTE VEC, led by SEAT and Volkswagen Group, to help turn Spain into an electric vehicle powerhouse

  • If the project ‘Future: Fast Forward’ is approved, the technology company, through two of its solutions – isEazy Author and isEazy Factory – will provide the latest generation e-learning resources necessary to train all the participants in the project’s value chain.
  • The expertise required is so new that it calls for a very specific training program for the professionals involved. In this regard, isEazy will provide the technology to develop agile and simple courses as the project progresses.

isEazy, a leading technology company in e-learning solutions for the development of training, communication, and corporate knowledge processes, is participating as a partner company in the registration of the PERTE project for Connected and Electric Vehicles (CEV), led by the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A.,with the goal of turning Spain into the main electric vehicle hub in Europe.

The project involves a total of 62 prominent national and international companies from different sectors, 61% of which are SMEs and belong to 11 different autonomous regions. Together, they represent the largest business group in the history of the automotive industry in Spain.

The knowledge, skills and competencies required of all participants in the project value chain is so new that the business group will need to develop specific training resources, building on these as the industry continues to grow and innovate.

If the project is approved, isEazy will work to facilitate the production and digitalization of the online knowledge and training to ensure the initiative’s success. In this regard, different online training pathways will be created for all of the employees and members of the electric car industry, offering the best learning experience with top-notch technological quality.

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