isEazy develops a personalized learning experience to train the growing team at Pepco Iberia

  • Retail and fashion chain Pepco Iberia has implemented isEazy technology to train more than 2500 employees in Spain and Portugal, both in the office and in its 200 stores, as part of its expansion plan.
  • With an increasingly large and diverse workforce, the leader in e-learning solutions, isEazy, has helped them meet the training needs of each employee and increase their completion rates from 27% to almost 84%.
  • Thanks to isEazy’s e-learning tools, Pepco Iberia is now able to manage the entire training project more efficiently and more than half the time it takes to prepare follow-up reports.

Madrid, August 30, 2023 – Pepco Iberia is part of the Polish retail and fashion chain Pepco, with more than 3,100 stores spread across 17 countries. Since it was first founded in 2004, Pepco has become the leading international chain for clothing, decoration, cleaning and food items, offering its customers a huge variety of products. In Spain and Portugal in particular, Pepco currently has around 200 points of sale, with the aim of adding new stores to facilitate access to the products shoppers need for day-to-day life.

As part of this expansion plan, Pepco Iberia aims to increase its team of 2,500 employees by hiring 1,000 more workers yearly, a growth strategy requiring training an increasingly large and diverse workforce in the knowledge necessary to perform their tasks effectively. To do this, Pepco Iberia needed an e-learning tool that would make it easier for them to create a unique and personalized learning experience for each department, position or language, regardless of where employees were based.

Faced with the need to update their corporate training processes in line with their growth, Pepco turned to the leading technology company in e-learning solutions, isEazy. The isEazy LMS learning platform has given them the autonomy and agility to manage training according to their needs and reduce the time it takes to prepare reports by 70%: “Thanks to the powerful functionalities of isEazy LMS, we have finally become owners of our training, designing specific training itineraries for each professional profile,” says Hossa Agzanay, Recruitment and Development Manager of Pepco Iberia.

To further improve the learning experience of each employee, Pepco Iberia also wanted to create e-learning courses with exclusive and 100% personalized content. To do so, they needed an authoring tool to help them optimize course production times and create interactive content in minutes. That’s where isEazy Author came in: “The learning curve of the tool is so low that you go from novice to expert with just a few hours of use,” says Germán Rodríguez, Head of Training and HR Projects at Pepco Iberia.

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