How to improve productivity of frontliners, 80% of the world’s workforce

  • According to the report ‘The rise of the deskless workforce,’ frontline workers already comprise 80% of the global workforce. Yet barely 1% of the $300 billion in annual funding of software companies goes towards specific solutions for these frontline workers.
  • isEazy Engage has developed a comprehensive solution that allows these professionals to access all the training, communication, knowledge and task management they need on a daily basis, right from the palm of their hand.


Madrid, December 1, 2022 – Frontline workers already account for 80% of the global workforce, according to the report ‘The rise of the deskless workforce’ by Emergence. This type of professional performs tasks that are essential to the operation of an organization: they are the first point of contact for customers, the first to see products and services in action and the first to represent the brand. 

However, they have a very different role compared to the rest of the workforce. Above all, they tend to work outside the office and rely on mobile digital devices to perform their daily work efficiently. In addition, they need continuous access to all relevant and up-to-date corporate information and documentation, based on how and where they work.

Even as companies increasingly recognize the impact technology has on boosting productivity and job satisfaction for these workers, they still fall short when it comes to giving them the technology they need to do their jobs well. In fact, according to this same report, barely 1% of the $300 billion in annual funding for software companies goes towards specific solutions that serve these frontline workers.

With a training app like isEazy Engage, in addition to sharing training content tailored to their specific needs, companies can use dynamic approaches such as microlearning, small knowledge pills they can access right from their cell phone, and formats that enhance the learning experience. Specifically, the app allows you to add all kinds of interactive and multimedia content to the training experience, such as videos, audios, exercises, games, etc., which makes learning much more dynamic.


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