Bizpills Group becomes ‘isEazy’ to consolidate its leadership on the international e-learning market

  • After 20 years of experience, Bizpills, an expert in e-learning software development, has undergone a strategic organizational change, uniting its 6 industry-leading technologies under one brand: isEazy.
  • With more than 10 million users, 100,000 projects in 50 countries, and more than 1,000 clients, the company is committed to this strategic change which is designed to offer all the e-learning tools companies need under one roof, a significant step forward in the e-learning sector.
  • isEazy offers an end-to-end e-learning experience through the development of innovative, agile, and intuitive tools.

Bizpills Group, the leading technology company in e-learning software development, with more than 20 years of experience on the market, has undergone a strategic organizational transformation, uniting all its online learning solutions – OKN Learning, B-Talent, isEazy, isEazy Factory, Bizfit and Digital Gapp – under one brand: isEazy. 

With more than 10 million users, 100,000 projects implemented in 50 countries, and more than 1,000 clients, the company is committed to this strategic change that aims to streamline and accelerate the selection of e-learning technology for companies.

This is an important step forward in a highly specialized sector, with multiple training tools and a complex learning curve presenting multiple challenges for HR departments, including talent retention, digitalization, and professional team growth.

isEazy responds to these challenges by offering an end-to-end learning experience that covers all aspects of learning, from training and communication to corporate development. Below, you can find out more about each of their 7 e-learning solutions in more detail.

  • isEazy Author

isEazy Author is an intuitive authoring tool for designing, creating, and sharing engaging online courses from scratch. With preconfigured templates, collaborative editing, and over 25 types of interactive resources, businesses can develop professional course content, no experience required. With isEazy Author you can also create accessible e-learning content the whole team can enjoy automatically.

  • isEazy Factory

isEazy Factory is a digital e-learning content factory that allows companies to outsource their course creation. Using the latest tools and techniques in e-learning, the team of over 50 expert designers bring your content to life in record time to help you reach your training objectives.

  • isEazy Skills

isEazy Skills is a comprehensive catalog of online courses for upskilling and reskilling teams, with over 540 courses in key development areas: personal productivity, digital skills, leadership and high performing teams, sustainability, compliance and diversity, commercial and customer experience, and wellbeing and personal growth. Each of them uses a learning-by-doing methodology which encourages a practical approach to encourage real results.

  • isEazy LMS

isEazy LMS is capable of managing a company’s communication, training and corporate information in one powerful platform. Featuring essential functionalities for training management, including automatic meeting, certificates and reports, and a streaming style interface designed to improve user experience, isEazy LMS is an innovative solution designed with both training managers and learners in mind.

  • isEazy Engage

isEazy Engage is a mobile app for employees. With 78% of people preferring to use smartphones to access information, it gives employees access to training, knowledge, task management, communication and more in the palm of their hands, all in an agile and engaging format. It’s particularly well suited to frontline workers and remote employees.

  • isEazy Game

isEazy Game transforms training into an engaging experience using innovative gamification techniques. Through challenges, levels, rankings and multi-media questions, employees are encouraged to embrace their competitive side and discover a new way of learning which has knock-on effects for talent and knowledge retention.

  • isEazy ESG

isEazy ESG is a comprehensive solution to help companies reach their sustainable development goals. Through assessments, training, gamification, missions, and more, isEazy ESG encourages teams to get involved in their company’s sustainability strategy through state-of-the-art learning resources and powerful business analytics to measure impact.


From isEazy our aim is to help companies in this new business context, becoming a single partner to access al the e-learning tools that organisations need. Regardless of their size, market, or location, we provide all companies with the e-learning technology that streamlines and simplifies their online training strategy” explains José Luis de Federico, Founder & CEO of isEazy.

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