Achieving sustainability goals a new challenge for companies

  • Faced with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the UN, companies have found it necessary to reimagine their corporate culture, with the aim of becoming socially responsible organizations.


  • isEazy, the leading technology company in e-learning solutions, launches isEazy ESG on the market, a complete solution specially designed to raise awareness and engage all members of the company around the achievement of its ESG objectives. 


Madrid, September 19, 2022.- After the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the private sector has seen the need to implement action plans that modify their business strategies. So that they can make their companies more sustainable and inclusive. In fact, according to one of the latest Deloitte reports, 40% of large Spanish companies listed on the stock market already consider the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in their Sustainability Reports. In addition, the companies most committed to sustainability have outperformed their competitors by 11% in the stock market. 

One of the keys for companies to successfully develop a sustainable culture is involving their entire workforce in achieving this same goal. To make this possible, isEazy, the leading technology company in e-learning solutions, has launched isEazy ESG on the market. A complete solution that helps companies to engage all their members around the achievement of the SDGs. 

Through a simple app, isEazy ESG provides companies with everything they need to make sustainability and diversity a reality in their organization: from an initial assessment phase where we can discover the level of knowledge and awareness of the team about each SDG; to the analysis of the impact of sustainable actions that can be included in sustainability reports, thus improving its non-financial reports. 


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