LMS (Learning Management System)

Definition and key functions of an LMS

An LMS, or learning management system, is a technological platform designed to effectively manage online educational content. It is one of the best modern training tools available and, as its name implies, its main function is to manage learning in virtual environments. This typically involves collecting, distributing and evaluating all the various elements of a training program. Other features include:

Content management

An LMS allows instructors to upload and organize a wide variety of educational content such as courses, modules and multimedia resources (audio, videos, images, etc.)

Progress tracking

These systems allow for the complete management of the training cycle, from the delivery of materials to the measurement of student performance. This includes tracking participation and the level of knowledge acquired.

Collaboration and communication

In addition, LMS platforms facilitate interaction between students and instructors, through chats, forums and other communication channels.


With an LMS, it is possible to offer online quizzes or assessments to provide students with immediate feedback, as well as automatically assign grades.

The benefits of using an LMS to manage and monitor learning

Flexibility and availability

LMSs are systems that help break down geographical barriers, allowing students and professionals to access educational materials wherever they are in the world.

Personalized learning

These systems allow companies to create personalized learning plans, adapting content to their specific identity and corporate culture, and setting individual objectives. In addition, they make it easy to monitor student progress by identifying areas of improvement, so content can be adjusted to the needs of each student.

Saves time and resources

An LMS greatly simplifies administrative processes, reducing the workload of educators and optimizing the mechanisms of training.

Can be constantly updated

Finally, these systems can be quickly and easily updated, allowing you to adapt training materials to industry changes so that content remains relevant.

How to choose the right LMS for your organization’s needs

Choosing the right LMS is essential to ensure training success. Below, we consider several key points that you should take into account when selecting the correct system for your company:

Needs and objectives

Before choosing an LMS, you should have a firm grasp of the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Be ready to ask yourself questions such as ‘what type of courses do I want to offer?’ or ‘what results should I expect to obtain from the training?’.

Features and functions

Each LMS platform has different features and functionalities to offer. Make sure the system you choose meets your goals and needs. For example, if you intend to use an authoring tool, you’ll need to choose one that’s compatible with your existing systems.

Ease of use

Another important aspect when choosing your LMS is usability. Keep in mind that opting for easy-to-use and intuitive platforms will help both students and trainers adapt quickly to their training.


Whether you have a large or small project on your hands, choose an LMS with the ability to adapt as your user base grows.

Remember that before choosing your ideal LMS, you should try out various options until you find the perfect match. Allow us to make the process easier for you, as we present isEazy LMS, a new and innovative LMS concept tightly focused on user experience. With our platform you’ll not only be able to organize your content in an attractive, dynamic and flexible way, but also manage all your training, communication and corporate knowledge processes from start to finish. So what are you waiting for? Start transforming your team training today!

Josefina Castelán
Josefina Castelán
Content Marketing Specialist at isEazy

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