Educational technologies

What are educational technologies?

This term refers to knowledge, applications, and devices that enable the use of technological tools in the field of education. 

Importance of educational technologies

Education has undergone a transformation thanks to the rise of the internet and the technological era. These changes have led to a radical shift in teaching, as we once knew it. 

Nowadays, we can access knowledge through online platforms and digital tools that not only facilitate educational processes but also enrich them. Just think about the infinite materials we can access with a single click, making learning a far more engaging experience.

These tools not only benefit students but also help educators design more efficient educational programs. They can utilize various didactic and pedagogical resources to enhance their study plans. 

Therefore, if you want to develop an e-learning course or enhance your team’s learning, educational technologies can help you maximize their performance. 

Types of educational technologies and how to integrate them

Iit’s essential to choose the types of educational technology that suits the training you want to deliver. Let’s explore some of the most used educational technologies: Software for creating e-learning content .

These programs facilitate the creation of educational courses. They allow you to manage and develop learning content, organize ideas and objectives, monitor your team’s progress, conduct evaluations, and update materials, among other functionalities. 

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  • Online course platforms  

Another frequently used educational technology is online course platforms. These platforms offer content tailored to various educational programs and provide students with diverse didactic resources. 

  • Digital Libraries 

Digital libraries provide a vast collection of materials on a variety of topics. Unlike traditional libraries, users can access digital libraries any time and from anywhere, enabling users to resolve doubts or conduct research in a flexible way. 

Information is provided in the form of videos, ebooks, digital magazines, news, digital books, encyclopedias, legal and official documents, and much more. 

  • Educational apps

Educational apps offer precise and digestible information in the palm of your hands, enabling learning through interactive microlearning content. Some apps also provide spaces for community building, sharing doubts, and more. 

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) 

These virtual spaces simplify and streamline management processes. They allow you to upload training projects, facilitate communication, and share knowledge. 

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Benefits of educational technologies in corporate training

Educational technologies have become so crucial that imagining education without them seems impossible. 

When designing training programs, these tools will help you plan, organize, create, and enrich your content, and help your learners to reach their full potential.  

Below are some of the key benefits of using educational technology: 

  • Collaborate across different sectors and interactivity. 
  • Save time 
  • Save money and resources. 
  • Access didactic and innovative materials. 
  • Enable continuous improvement and updated content easily. 

As you can see, education is in constant transformation, and staying up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques is essential. Are you ready to foster a culture of learning in your company?   

Sara De la Torre
Sara De la Torre
Content Marketing Manager at isEazy

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