Advantages of the newest authoring tools over traditional ones

These days, there are many different authoring tools you can use to create online courses.

There are different reasons that might make you lean towards one or the other depending on your needs, but perhaps one of the things you should consider first is how fast it is.

Spending less time creating your e-learning course means having more time for other things… and your time is pretty valuable, isn’t it?

But what are the advantages of using rapid tools over more traditional ones?



1. Simplicity

Traditional authoring tools like Articulate, Captivate, eXelearning, or Lectora have a common problem: they are not exactly easy to use. In fact, they are quite complex. You don’t have to be a programmer to use them, but the learning curve, that is, the time you need to get the best results, is pretty steep. 

New authoring tools like isEazy have been able to adapt to the growing demand of users who have less time and less desire to spend hours learning a new tool. 

A more intuitive, flexible, and visually clear option, they allow anyone with basic office software skills to create online courses that look totally professional. 

You can easily edit your course thanks to the multiple possibilities of copying, pasting, clicking, dragging, etc. Moreover, what you’re seeing while creating the course is the same thing your students will see as they take it. No more surprises when you hit that Publish button!


2. Use of templates

With isEazy, you have many types of templates to choose from, which you can use to quickly create your courses, without having to waste time worrying about the layout. After all, you’re not a designer, are you? What you’re interested in is the content, and that the rest take care of itself. You didn’t think it was possible? You’re wrong! In the IsEazy gallery, you have a template for almost everything. To make it even more interesting, you can also ask us to create custom-made corporate templates, if you’d like. 

The result will be very visual and tremendously professional.


3.  Viewing on all devices

Using a rapid authoring tool, with predefined templates, guarantees a very important final matter: that your course is responsive. Your students will see it perfectly, whether they access it on their computers, smartphones, or tablets, because the templates are designed to work on any device. Put more value on the content and forget about the technical aspects.  



4. Exercises and games with a really simple setup

Just because you use a rapid authoring tool doesn’t mean you have to give up the ability to have advanced features like interactive exercises or gamification. Dragging and dropping or filling gaps are simple possibilities, as well as more motivating games that encourage students to actively participate in their training. 

The setup couldn’t be easier: you choose the game or exercise you want to use, enter the content, and you’re done! It couldn’t be easier. You can’t believe it, can you?



5. Different formats for different learning goals

The content for your training may have different goals Usually, what clients look for is to delve deeper into a specific type of learning, for which you will use our classic courses. 

However, if you are looking to create micro-content that is short and meant for rapid consumption, isEazy offers the option of express courses. They are designed to display information in a few minutes. 

These are ideal if your content is brief and straightforward, of about 10 minutes and 10 slides. This way, navigation will be as agile as the content.

This does not mean losing functionalities, as you have the same tools and templates that are available to you in our classic courses. It’s simply a way to adapt classic courses to the new microlearning trend. Or did you think we were going to fall behind the times?


6. In the cloud, always available and without having to install anything

Going through the whole process of installing a new tool is always a drag. Either you don’t have the right permissions, or you get an error message, or you don’t have enough space in your computer for a new application… something always goes wrong. 

Moreover, when you work with a desktop tool, all the content you produce also stays in your local computer. Have you ever considered how dangerous this is? Nothing ever happens, until the day your computer breaks down, a virus infects it, you get robbed, or you lose it. Then you remember everything you had on it, and you panic.

With a rapid tool like isEazy, that works entirely in the cloud, you avoid the installation process and safeguard all your content in a repository with all the necessary security measures. 

This is an advantage that also allows you to work on editing your courses from any location and on any computer, just by logging into the application website.


Changing times, new ways to create content

The changing times have forced authoring tools to become more accessible to all types of users, without the need to have specific knowledge in that particular application.

That’s why new authoring tools like isEazy are increasingly in demand, as they provide professional results with an incredible simplicity of use. Still haven’t tried it out? Don’t wait till tomorrow. Sign up for free now and see for yourself all the advantages of isEazy‘s rapid authoring tool.


Happy e-learning!


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