What is SCORM? An approach to the online format that improves learning

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If you’re new to the world of e-learning, you’ve probably thought about the advantages of using the SCORM format in your training courses, compared to content in other formats, such as PowerPoint or PDF. In this post, you’ll discover the distinct features of SCORM and the benefits it has for online learning. Let’s get to it!

What is SCORM? Keys to understanding its importance for e-learning

The shareable content object reference model (SCORM) refers to an e-learning course programming language, which was created in 1999 as a standard reference framework for the e-learning industry. It is a format in which any content, regardless of the system through which it was created (cloud-based software or custom programming), is compatible with all learning platforms. And therefore (this is its main strength), content can be easily shared.

Let’s start with the context: Before SCORM, companies used their own programming languages for the educational content they created. As a result, it was not possible to share or exchange such content between various platforms, as each system worked in a different way. In the initial years of e-learning training, this way of operating posed a significant challenge that had to be solved with the creation of a standard format.

In this regard, SCORM is neither a program nor a tool: it is a set of specifications adopted by the e-learning industry for content production. Thus, a content production company can create e-learning courses for several entities, always using the same foundation compatible with many LMS platforms, such as Moodle, Chamilo or Canvas. With SCORM, everyone wins: content creators, companies, and above all, students.

The benefits of SCORM in your e-learning courses: progress and evaluation

In addition to allowing content to be compatible on different e-learning platforms, the SCORM format has several parameters that significantly improve online learning:

  • It shows training progress

That is, the percentage of progress the student has made in the lessons. This is very useful for trainers to be able to individually monitor the training results, to detect whether a particular student needs extra motivation. It also helps detect if there is any point in the courses where students get stuck, therefore enabling improvements in the content.

  • It offers a bookmark function

A bookmark is the last page visited by the student. In this sense, if the student leaves a course, they can pick up right where they left off. This is essential in e-learning, since it gives the student complete freedom to access the content whenever they want, without the need for searching the exact point where they left off or start over.

  • Record the time spent on the course

Thanks to SCORM, the training manager will be able to see how much time students have invested in their content. This parameter is especially useful for assessing whether the course duration is appropriate or, on the contrary, it is too long and boring. It also helps to check if there are students who have taken too long (or not long enough) to complete the lessons.

  • Record the student’s score

We already know that one of the most important aspects to consider is assesment in e-learning, to confirm whether your audience has internalized the knowledge. An e-learning course in SCORM format takes evaluating one step further, and indicates the student’s score after being evaluated.

All these parameters are transmitted from the course to the platform, and are great help to both the trainers and the training administrators or managers. With e-learning, trainers and students do not share a physical space, so it’s important to have this type of mechanism monitoring the results and helping students. In addition, when monitoring overall training or creating annual reports, there is much more information that is also more accurate, as compared to situations where SCORM content is not used.

Nowadays, SCORM is the most flexible and versatile e-learning course format, especially for those users who do not have a software developer to create their online courses. Now, with a cloud-based software like isEazy Author, the instructional designer or trainer in charge can use the tool, create their courses in an agile and fast way, and export them in SCORM format to upload them to their LMS platform.

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