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The perfect toolkit to create your e-learning courses

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The world of e-learning courses is in constant evolution. It is becoming increasingly possible to add more features that make learning more interactive and entertaining. Authoring tools like isEazy Author give you much more freedom when interacting with your content and, combined with a multitude of other external applications, they make the perfect e-learning toolkit to create your online training courses.

Screen recording software like OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most complete apps when it comes to screen recording on your computer, which is absolutely necessary in specific types of training in which it is useful to be able to see firsthand how certain applications are used.

It works across different platforms and is completely free. There’s no time limit for your screen recordings, and it supports any video format. It even allows you to upload your videos directly to YouTube.

Without a doubt, it’s the perfect complement to your online course design.

Video recording software like Loom

Loom is one of the most widely used tools for creating video tutorials. With Loom, you can choose to share the full screen, just your image or both. 

Long gone are those boring video tutorials where you could only see the screen and only hear the trainer’s voice in the background. Now, by incorporating your image into the screen, your courses are much friendlier and more entertaining. Plus, you’ll be able to share your videos easily, as Loom is integrated into Gmail and Outlook. You can create an account quickly using any of your usual accounts.

It is certainly a highly recommended tool in online training, considering that for some types of training, there is nothing better than having the trainers themselves explaining the content in person.

Tools to compress images like

Images are one of the key elements in any e-learning course. Without them, the content would be boring and most of the time information would be missing, as it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

But this also poses a problem. If you have a very high-resolution image, it may load slowly, or many platforms may not even offer you enough space. On the other hand, if we compress the image too much, the quality might be affected.

Tools like, allow you to compress your images so that the quality is virtually unaffected, significantly decreasing their size. It’s compatible with JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG formats.

Image and illustration galleries

Images are a very important part of your courses, as they lead to a better understanding of the content and insert the student into the context. 

That’s why the use of sites like Unsplash is so great, because you can download photos of hundreds of different themes for free. Did you know that Unsplash is integrated directly into isEazy Author? Searching for the perfect images for your courses is now easier than ever. 

If you need illustrations, you will find thousands of them in Freepick, as well as icons, also for free.

Tools to create your own graphics like Canva

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply use the images you find on the internet because you need a particular composition of text and image. This is when knowing about a tool like Canva saves your life. 

Canva allows you to create visually stunning infographics with no graphic design knowledge, which you can export as images and integrate into your courses. You have predefined templates that are incredibly useful when coming up with ideas and creating interesting graphic elements. Be sure to check it out!

Podcasting tools

Sometimes audio can be as necessary as images so that the student can better understand specific types of content. iVoox is a platform that brings you hundreds of podcasts on hundreds of different topics, allowing you to enrich the contents of your course with other points of view.

Did you know that you can integrate iVoox podcasts directly into isEazy Author?

e-learning project management tools

The creation of an e-learning course involves the participation of several players, from the content expert, to the person responsible for layout, the graphic designer, or the person who approves the final result. Ultimately, it’s a team effort, for which you need to coordinate everyone efficiently if you want an optimal result, but also streamlined. With tools like Trello or Asana, you can define stages and tasks, assign the work, and establish deadlines. This ensures that everyone knows what they have to do at all times, and you can monitor the creation of your e-learning course with ease. 

Take full advantage of the potential at your fingertips!

When it comes to designing online training that is equally instructive and engaging to the student, it is as important to have a quality authoring tool like isEazy Author, as it is to have an e-learning toolkit that allows you to generate all the necessary material to complement your trainings, avoiding the mistakes that lead to unappealing courses.

With this kind of e-learning toolkit, your online trainings are sure to be complete, engaging, and tremendously pedagogical.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from maximizing your e-learning in your online courses!



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