How to apply SDGs to your corporate culture with isEazy ESG


The SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals are an essential part of the 2030 Agenda and function as “pressure points” that can affect the well-being of the entire planet and the people who live on it.

When considering developing a sustainable company culture that believes in the SDGs, what actions should we consider to achieve it? Read on to find out!

How to translate the Sustainable Development Goals into your corporate culture?

Organizational or corporate culture is the beliefs, ideologies, processes, and attitudes of the people who make up an organization. It can arise organically or be framed and influenced by internal policies, serving as a guide on how things should be done.

A corporate culture based on sustainability focuses on a series of practices and policies oriented toward social responsibility. Care for the environment, diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to corporate culture management.

According to the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), this implies:

  • Train and instruct the HR department on the right to non-discrimination.
  • Carry out diversity measures in the company, providing disadvantaged groups with development opportunities.
  • Promote youth employment in the company through hiring and internship programs.
  • Guarantee indefinite hiring and opportunities for promotion and professional development.
  • Guarantee freedom of association, collective bargaining, and unionization.
  • To have safety, hygiene, and health management systems in place at all facilities to reduce occupational accidents and illnesses.
  • Promote the local economy and culture where the company operates and support local small businesses.
  • Make efficient use of natural resources in the company’s activities to reduce environmental impact.
  • Comply with tax laws and regulations in the countries of operation to promote economic growth.

How to promote sustainability in your company with isEazy ESG

A sustainability-focused strategy that works must incorporate awareness-raising solutions to integrate the SDGs and complete the company’s social, economic, and environmental impact and value with measurable results.

isEazy ESG is a complete technological solution specially developed to mobilize all companies to achieve the SDGs. From a preliminary assessment phase to know the level of knowledge and awareness of the team about each SDG, to the analysis of the impact of sustainable actions, through the understanding and training of all groups of the organization.

But more specifically, what would each of these stages consist of?

Initial assessment

isEazy ESG allows you to discover how much your employees know about the SDGs that make up the 2030 Agenda. With the Assessment tool, you will be able to evaluate their level of knowledge and activism regarding sustainability, diversity of each area, position, department, and even geographical area that makes up your organization.

This initial analysis will only take a few minutes, and you can implement it very easily since each employee can perform this assessment (and access isEazy ESG when needed) from any device.


Once you know your employees’ activism level and have defined the SDGs you want to develop in your company, in the training stage, you must provide your professionals with the latest techniques of neuro learning and digital engagement.

These technologies you will only find in isEazy ESG can engage your modern learners and new employees. In this way, you can generate fundamental changes in your team, which will help you achieve your Sustainable Development Goals and keep your employees engaged in their training activities without losing motivation.

In addition, ESG offers you a catalog of more than 65 courses specially developed under the most prestigious international standards to achieve the 17 SDGs of the 2030 Agenda together or individually.

Awareness and communication

Just as important as training your workforce is helping them understand the importance of this training and the impact their actions will have within the company. Even more so when it comes to developing more sustainable and inclusive habits.

To do this, you must rely on a solution that allows you to engage your team to achieve tangible changes that favor the development of a more sustainable and egalitarian world.

Social and gamified dynamics, for example, will help you increase the participation of professionals in the project, follow the project’s evolution, and measure your team’s level of team commitment in real time.

Move from theory to action.

You will need to establish real changes to incentivize real change in your team. ESG allows you to create specific challenges or missions, such as saving a certain amount of water, reducing a specific percentage of CO2 emissions, or getting a certain amount of clothes donated; it is important to set realistic goals and mobilize your professionals.

In addition, you can encourage your employees to share their results with the rest of the team, achieving viral changes.

Measurement and analysis

To know the real impact of your project, ESG allows you to follow its evolution in real-time and analyze the results by profile, department, or specific SDG.

This will bring you multiple benefits since you will not only be able to know which topics are difficult, how many people complete their activities, which departments are more committed, etc. The most interesting thing is that the results of your actions can be included in your sustainability report.

This will help you to position yourself as a socially responsible company, improve your non-financial reports and obtain official certifications such as B-Corp, or others.

Try isEazy ESG, the solution to boost your sustainable culture

Enable the transition of your traditional business model and turn your company into a socially responsible organization with ESG. Try isEazy ESG and experience how sustainability, diversity, and inclusion can be a reality that delivers value and ensures long-term business success.

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