Remote learning: how to adapt your corporate training to telework?


At this point, it’s likely that the professionals in your company have been working remotely for months. This situation will most likely continue and is moving forward at an accelerated pace, due to this global pandemic. According to the latest ‘Future Workforce Report’, 73% of work teams will have remote workers in their ranks by 2028. However, is your company ready to make the definitive leap within this new paradigm? Connectivity and remote learning will be essential for telework to be carried out.

In this new reality, new training needs have arisen for a company’s employees: new processes or methodologies, informing employees about new tools that are implemented, or Occupational Health and Safety courses with specific anti-COVID protection measures. Traditionally, these training needs have been addressed through face-to-face courses or by hiring an e-learning provider. However, for trainers, it is increasingly difficult to find facilities that allow us to safely carry out training. In the latter case, this means extra costs, longer production times, and the difficulty of coordinating with all those involved.

Evidently, this new scenario presents quite a challenge for many companies, which until now, have not had a need to switch to remote working training courses or have only partially implemented them. In some cases, having to change everything that has been done up until now might seem like a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. The adoption of an authoring tool to create online courses doesn’t have to be an exclusive strategy. We can keep doing most things the same way, while also applying this new tool when needed. In addition, if face-to-face training becomes feasible again, keep in mind that a online course can serve as optimal supporting material, and is much more versatile than the typical PowerPoint course.

Tips for remote, hassle-free learning

Although remote workers online training courses are now a reality, it’s not always easy for companies to develop e-learning content and share it effectively among their audience, let alone achieve a high rate of completion. There are different types of software on the market that enable these tasks, but not all of these have the key features required to facilitate online course creation; not to mention adapting to the needs that have arisen during this pandemic.

Analyzes the feasibility of the different solutions

Given these uncertain times, the solutions provided must be fast, efficient and cost-effective. There’s no point in aiming for a complete transformation by digitizing all the company’s data with the most powerful software, if we aren’t able to address the economic, time-related or technical issues.

Organizations that learn to adapt to this ‘new normal’ will have a competitive advantage, so we must aim for solutions that are agile, affordable and easy to implement, but which guarantee sound growth to match our changing needs.

No installation required and cloud-based, please!

Cloud-based tools have many advantages over traditional installable tools, but in this case, they’ve become especially relevant. If you have professionals who work remotely and are therefore out of the office, it can be very difficult to install software on their computers or give them technical support.

isEazy Author securely stores all the content created in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere, any time. In addition, we frequently update the tool with amazing features, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Remote working training courses

Personalized distribution: SCORM, Teams, URL…

Tablet, computer, smart phone… it’s clear that in the age of telework, remote learning must be able to take place at any time and from anywhere. Because of this, and because your employees are used to a multi-device experience, your e-learning content creation tool should be responsive to their needs, with the advantage of not having to create multiple versions of the same content.

In addition to courses in multi-device format, distance learning should also be distributed through different channels. Do you have an LMS? In that case, you need a tool capable of exporting your courses to standard SCORM. Would you rather share your courses on your own intranet? With isEazy Author, you can host your course on SharePoint, a web server, or any hosting service, so your audience can easily access it. Direct link? Then simply copy the URL of your course and share it with whoever you want. Or better yet, share your content on social networks, Google Classroom or Teams, and reach your entire audience without restrictions.

Agility in content creation

In this period of uncertainty, we should implement solutions that allow us to adapt to changes in an agile way. Content outsourcing is too slow (and costly) for our needs today, which is why a tool like isEazy Author might be the solution we need:

  • It provides a wide variety of templates, in addition to enabling  customization. This way, we can focus on creating content or developing a visually appealing course, without having to face complicated technical challenges.
  • It can be edited collaboratively, speeding up the course creation process.
  • You can duplicate courses or parts of existing courses. So, you can easily reuse other content that the team has created.

If you want to know more about how to save time when creating your courses, don’t miss our article: Saving time in creating your courses… is it possible?

Remote workers online training courses

No technical expertise required

Currently, most of the emerging training needs arise from the knowledge held in different areas of the company, and which needs to be made available to other employees. Therefore, we must aim for solutions in which any employee can be a content creator, without having prior technical know-how.

This is where the next generation authoring tools offer greater advantages versus traditional ones, which are more oriented towards expert profiles. With isEazy Author, you’ll find a truly fast learning curve, but even if you feel that it’s still difficult to use, you’ll have a complete support network to lean on:

  • In our support portal, you’ll find a detailed description of all the elements of the platform, with step-by-step explanations to set up everything you need.
  • In our blog, you’ll find countless articles with a more pedagogical approach, so you can get the most out of the tool and the world of e-learning.

A second life for your content

In general, most companies have a wealth of content already created in formats not yet adapted to the online model, such as PowerPoint, face-to-face training, videos or other materials that cannot be easily monitored. An ideal e-learning solution should provide a way of integrating this content into your training courses.

  • Reuse your PowerPoint

If you’ve been using PowerPoint for your training programs, it’s perfectly normal to feel some trepidation at the thought of not re-using that material that you put so much effort into. However, given this new scenario, we must put aside certain habits that might have been useful before, but do little to facilitate learning now.

We’re aware of the need to continue using all the information already available to you, so with isEazy Author, you can convert your PowerPoint presentations into engaging scorm courses. . Want to find out how?

  • Possibility to integrate external services

As with re-using your old presentations, using third-party content or material you’ve produced in other applications is useful, and will also make it easier for you to create e-learning courses.

At isEazy Author, we currently support the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Google Docs, Kaltura, iVoox, Genially, Loom, Microsoft Forms, Canva, Wistia, Powtoon, Learning Apps, H5P, Typeform and Educaplay.

The future of e-learning content creation

The situation we’ve experienced in the past few months has served as a catalyst for a transformation that has been gradually taking place, and it is highly likely that many of the changes taking place in companies are here to stay.

Training, whether corporate or academic, had already embarked on this process of transformation long ago, so we are fortunate to have countless solutions capable of tackling these new challenges.

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