The 4 C’s for an effective online onboarding

onboarding online

In less than two years, almost all training processes have become digital. Ever since companies like Facebook, Spotify or Twitter have introduced permanent remote work, many others have followed their steps. Now, working from home is ‘the new normal’, and both employees and employers have to adapt to this new reality.

This change is especially present in onboarding processes. Now that it’s not possible to have that first coffee with your new colleagues, or to attend to that in-person training about the company’s processes, mission and values… facing the challenge of joining in a new job, is even bigger. That’s why it’s so important to create an onboarding program that makes new employees feel like home since day one.

Onboarding? Yes, but through a screen!

Making your new employees understand how your company works is key to boosting confidence and keeping them happy in the long run. This is why you need to lay the foundations and give them the tools they need to kickstart successfully.

But… how to do this in an effective and digital way? The 4 C’s rule gives you the keys to creating an online onboarding that’s as effective as any in-person process. Here we go!

1. Connection

From the minute you decide to have a new hire in your team, you’ll have to make them feel like they’re a part of the company. A good idea is to carry out a pre-boarding process. For instance, you can welcome them through social media or send them a email from a team leader. Not only will this show your company’s true colors but will make them feel part of the team.

2. Confidence

Once they’re in, focus on boosting self-confidence. How? Help them understand all internal processes, tasks and goals easily through custom onboarding courses, according to their profile, job or tasks. It will be great if you add interactive and multimedia resources that ease applying this knowledge to their day-to-day.

3. Communication

In order to lessen the anxiety of the first days, let them know the team is available. A new hire can feel vulnerable at times. Having a relaxed conversation with any team member will help the onboarding go smoother. No overwhelming or misunderstood information.

online onboarding

Care about how they’re adapting to the new routine o how you could improve their remote experience. With a simple email or videocall is enough. Also, tools like Trello or Slack ease communication and organization… and allow to put a face on the newcomers!

4. Contribution

Your onboarding program doesn’t have to be immovable. In fact, you should review it once in a while to improve processes and adapt to your employees’ needs. And what if your new hires could contribute to optimize it? With the right tools, you can turn your new collaborators into e-learning content creators, that will train future employees.

*Our tip: make life easier for them with tool for creating e-learning courses like isEazy Author, which allows any professional to develop interactive and dynamic courses, effortlessly. 

Great! There you have it! Now let’s move on to some practice with one of our last case studies. Read how Sellics, the #1 software for optimizing Amazon sales, managed to create its own online onboarding, from scratch!

Sellics Case Studyhow to create an online and effective onboarding

Up until a few months back, the German company Sellics carried out training with PDF and PowerPoint documents every now and then. However, after 7 years of unstoppable growth, they needed to create a 100% online onboarding program that kept all their know-how alive in order to keep offering the best costumer service.

isEazy Author was the perfect answer to their needs. With our software, they managed to speed up all their onboarding processes, without having to learn to use complex tools. And the results were immediate… and amazing!

“Courses with isEazy Author are an innovative improvement in our way of creating content and learning. Their games and exercises not only save us time, but are an efficient way to train and evaluate our team”, comments Lidia Krasowski, Head of CSM for Enterprise Customers en Sellics.

Want to know all the details? Read here the full case study and start creating your own onboarding content. Same as Sellics did! With results that will get your new hires hooked instantly.

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