Corporate mobile learning and its positive impact on your training program

corporate mobile learning

One of the things we can say without a doubt is that mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices are already an extension of our hands. In fact, according to the latest information published by Ditrendia in its Mobile 2020 Report, of the 5 hours and 14 minutes we spend a day surfing the Internet here in Spain, more than 2 hours are spent using our mobile phones.

The pandemic, and therefore, remote working, have radically changed our routines and the way we deal with technology. The adaptation of corporate training to all types of devices has become essential for companies wishing to deliver successful training plans. Thus, solutions such as mobile learning are experiencing a boom, emerging as the best option for companies to boost the effectiveness of their training processes.

Why switch to corporate mobile learning

The need for continuous training

Investing in training allows companies to improve their performance, while bolstering the expertise of their employees. According to HR Trends, “Continuous training is an essential element that can provide a great return on investment and have a positive impact on productivity.” Although this can be done from home, of course.

This is the biggest challenge for trainers in 2021: to create training plans that overcome the physical distances and ensure e-learning processes remain as efficient as ever. Or even more?.

What solutions does mobile learning for corporations offer?

Mobile learning for corporations is the answer to this paradigm shift in the world of training. With this, the way companies promote learning becomes more autonomous, offers more freedom and the opportunity for each employee to learn at their own pace.

As a trainer, you need to ensure that your content follows this approach and adapts to any device, including interactive options that instantly capture the user’s attention. In fact, 58% of workers prefer to be trained through short, easy information. Agile and effective learning.

Mobile learning for corporations

This is what corporate m-learning offers. It’s what you need to revamp your training processes, and with the right tools, you can do so much faster than you think. Although there are many ways to give your courses that little sparkle: you can create SCORM content, for instance, adapting your information to newer and more interactive formats.

Keys to corporate mobile learning

Still having doubts about mobile learning? Here are four key questions:

  • What is the biggest advantage of mobile learning? 

By making your training content fully responsive, you can offer learning experiences that adapt to all types of devices. Content ‘on the go’ tailored to the needs of your team members. To achieve this, you can rely on an e-learning content creation tool that eases this and reduces the time and effort required.

  • When is content responsive?

Your e-learning content will be responsive when adapted on any type of device (mobile phone, PC, tablet…) and will always look flawless. A single version is created for all devices, and you don’t have to worry about the elements not fitting together. They automatically adjust, and the process hardly requires any effort on your side!

  • How does an authoring tool that creates 100% responsive content work?

Through html5, code is used to configure courses as if they were a website. The elements are set up to provide a user experience that’s fully adjusted to the device and screen size. If your authoring tool is truly responsive, it will offer you options such as ‘preview’, so that you can check the result upon each change.

  • How does it make life easier for the employee and the trainer?

It saves the trainer time, both when creating the content and evaluating it. In addition, training feedback from your mobile learning course can be given in real time. This is especially useful when you’re embarking on an onboarding training program, for example, and want to know how your new collaborators are doing on a daily basis.

Greater motivation, thanks to the dynamic and entertaining options it offers that increase the value and usefulness of the courses.

More effective knowledge retention, thanks to the training capsule format. Short bursts of content are key. A well as other useful elements, such as the visual and interactive ones, that’ll create the perfect e-learning toolkit.

Flexibility and adaptation to schedules. Employees can manage their time as best suits them, knowing that they can access their course at any time.

What are you waiting for? If you want to discover the wonders of creating your own mobile learning program, start using an e-learning tool that makes it easy for you! isEazy Author allows you to focus on what’s most important – your training content. Create 100% responsive courses, much faster and with impressive results. Get started today!

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