Microlearning explained: A training solution for the modern workforce!

Microlearning: a training solution for the modern workforce

The attention span reduction, the evolution of the work environment towards a more dynamic one, and the attempt to keep up with the arrival of a much more digitized world have forced corporations to rethink their training approaches; this is when microlearning gained ground.

Microlearning is one of the main e-learning trends in the current years and a practical addition to the training of the modern workforce. Do you want to know what microlearning can do for employee development and the benefits of corporate training? We’ll tell you everything about it in this post.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is the answer to the need to learn something in the shortest possible time. It’s a learning methodology taught in small fragments or micro training sessions of no more than 10-15 minutes, with a single learning objective introduced in each module.

Each short module focuses on a single skill or knowledge, which comes together like a puzzle to generate profound and lasting understanding. The best of microlearning is that it can take place anytime and anywhere, perfect for a faster environment.

Gone are the days when companies took weeks or days off to attend training events. The need to offer workers adequate training in the shortest possible time has opened the doors to microlearning.

In addition to the need for micro training, there is a reason for this learning methodology’s success: the human brain retains information better when presented in short bursts of content.

The use of microlearning with resources such as images, videos, games, texts, and questionnaires translates to more dynamic, complete, and effective corporate training, which workers can retain and use in their daily activities.

Types of Microlearning & when to use it

Although it’s an effective format for learning, it’s also a pretty new method, so it’s necessary to know in which cases to use it. Microlearning works best when applied to learning specific skills. While it can also be helpful for more complex content, in this particular case, it works best as a supplement to or only during specific parts of those courses.

According to a report on the role of microlearning in corporate training, these are the best uses of microlearning as an effective learning strategy:

Just-in-time learning

They are micro-learning modules that cover a specific topic or skill and are placed within reach so that the professional can consult them when they need it most.

These just-in-time micro-courses fit the current way most people consume content. If we need to know something, we go to Google and ask “how to…” and immediately receive an answer in video or article format on how to do it.

Exploiting this human inclination to seek answers quickly is an effective way to train your employees.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is currently one of the practical solutions for the multitasking professional who takes advantage of a subway ride or lunch hour ride to complete training.

Compare a 45-minute course on your mobile versus a 10-minute micro-courses to consume quickly without worrying about how your device responds. It’s in these cases where microlearning can make a big difference.

Whenever-you-can learning

The “anytime” learning environment is becoming the new reality for professionals since, according to Deloitte, many can only dedicate 1% of their workweek to training.

For a professional working 40 hours a week, this translates to 24 minutes a week or 4.8 minutes a day. In the face of this small amount of time for learning, microlearning seems increasingly attractive for the employee and the organization, who has to invest less time in training their workforce.

Continuous learning

People forget approximately 50-70% of what they have learned after the first 24 hours until, in some cases, it’s completely forgotten.

Continuous learning combined with microlearning can help combat this forgetfulness. Reinforcing the information offered in formats such as games, challenges, or questionnaires a couple of times a week will help the professional to remember and use this new knowledge.

Hard skills

Microlearning is perfect for training employees in hard skills since a topic like “Introduction to Office 365” can be delivered in modules that respond to “how to use it” through micro courses with videos or tutorials.

Microlearning, an essential element for corporate training

Microlearning in business has proven very effective in training programs by allowing rapid learning or reinforcement of specific skills within the work environment.

The time a company invests in preparing its employees is reduced, as well as the costs. And at the same time, the worker acquires knowledge quickly and easily, which will help him develop his professional career without extra effort.

This methodology promotes a learning culture and can be used to prepare professionals for more extensive online training or to update knowledge to combat the forgetting curve.

5 Benefits of microlearning in corporate training

#1 Increase attention and retention

Using shorter and more specific training modules boosts attendees’ concentration. An employee is much more likely to complete a 10-minute module than a 45-minute or hour module, which translates to higher completion rates. Also, when we deliver information in short, precise doses, it will be much easier to remember in the short and long term.

#2 Fits in today’s society concerned about the value of time

Microlearning allows you to use slow times, such as spaces between meetings or even travel. Being a teaching method accessible through mobile devices, it combines perfectly with today’s pace of life, where being connected does not impede mobility.

#3 It is flexible

It can be offered in various formats (text, audio, video, graphics, etc.), making the learning experience more dynamic and comfortable. In addition, it allows the employee to access it using their preferred device at any time.

The flexibility of microlearning also applies to the subject of training since it can be used for training on various topics or skills.

#4 Lower investment

Microlearning means savings in training: in personnel, infrastructure, and time. In addition, a company that invests in e-learning technology and cares about its employees’ development aligns its professionals with the organization’s objectives and obtains better results.

#5 Increase the commitment of workers

Maintaining a commitment to a long and tedious learning session can take time for even the most committed worker. However, it is much easier to get their attention when a person knows that learning will only take a few minutes. Microlearning helps employees interact with more information in shorter periods.

Creating microlearning content: Best topics for micro training

Now that you know what microlearning is and what it is used for in companies, you may wonder which areas of your training program to apply it.

Microlearning can be used in an onboarding plan, in explanations for specific tasks such as just-in-time learning, or even in internal communications, especially when all employees need to follow specific processes for business success.

But the primary use of microlearning is undoubtedly the training of the employee, and in this matter, you can involve this methodology in endless courses to reinforce areas such as:

  • Sustainability, compliance, and diversity
  • Digital knowledge
  • Digital tools
  • Personal Productivity
  • Leadership and performance
  • Commercial experience

Microlearning is ideal for new generations of digital employees, online workers, or even frontline professionals. It allows them to access agile, dynamic training that is always available on their smartphones.

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