Images used to support learning

Images used to support learning

We are sure you’ve heard this Chinese proverb many times: a picture is worth a thousand words. But have you thought about the power of images in learning? Continue reading, and we will tell you how to leverage images in your courses to make them more powerful, impactful, and educational.


The objective of your courses is to convey knowledge most educationally. So, you must leverage the resources needed to meet your goals: video, audio, and above all, images. They can make your course more enjoyable and reduce the text on some subjects.

Images are a powerful resource due to their evocative power, as we can use them as metaphors or assist with complex concepts that are hard to convey in words. If you select a comprehensive image for your idea tailored to your course context, you will broaden the scope of the message.

By doing so, you will achieve a light and friendly course, which will not be less impacting or educational. For example, look at these two screens:

Which do you think is more engaging? Without a doubt, the second one! Using an identifying image that conveys and inspires can greatly ease comprehension.

Where can you place images?

Aware of the power of visual resources, IsEazy Author includes various items with the main image, so producing a highly perceptible and impacting course is streamlined. Besides having images individually or with text, you can also use them with the following resources:

  • Cards: Ideal for discovering concepts and interaction.

  • Gallery: Perfect for explaining a concept with a carrousel. For example, A multi-step process.

  • Points of Interest: An excellent resource for explaining various parts of an image while interacting with students.

  • Linked images: Students can browse along various attached pictures and learn how they are related. They are usually used to browse through space by zooming in.

  • Grouping exercises: Beneficial so students can test their knowledge in a dynamic and fun way.

We encourage you to use images in all the creative ways you can think. Remember, don’t overuse them. Images should support or improve the idea you want to convey and not distract students from the main message—select opportunities to use them and leave free space for text.

TipGood advice is to take advantage of images when you need to convey key ideas in your courses. If you use impacting images that result in students’ feelings, you will achieve that they absorb concepts quickly and help them remember what they learned.

Great! But do you know where to find that fantastic images?

IsEazy Author thinks of everything. Our tools now include Unsplash, a catalog with over 450,000 images to use for free and free of rights. Use professional photos in your presentations without downloading and importing them to your computer. IsEazy loves to streamline it for you!

The Unsplash catalog has well-indexed images. It is easy to browse clear ideas (apples, trees, or plates), images by color, and images that invoke metaphors. For example, look at all the pictures that appear for “growth.”

Tip: Unsplash is working on indexing in Spanish, so we recommend looking for images in English.

Now, it is time for you to tell us: What criteria do you use to select images for your courses? Which ideas have a better effect? As always, we love to receive comments!

Happy e-learning!

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