How to engage employees in online training


According to a study made by Gallup about engagement in training processes in different American companies, its levels are usually around 30%. Most organizations agree when they say that engaging a team with e-learning content has ben -and still is- the biggest challenge HR managers face nowadays.

However, the training landscape has radically changed, thanks to remote working. Today, making your audience connect with your content is even harder, since developing a 100% online training model is the only way to keep corporate knowledge alive. So, how can we boost engagement now that training takes place at home, without the possibility of interacting with other people?

Find out how to improve engagement in online training? Let’s get started!

How to increase engagement in online training: 6 tactics that never fail

1. Ask your audience what they need

Before you sit down to plan your training, be clear about your objective. Discovering the needs of those who listen to you will guide you in determining how to structure the information and which resources are the most suitable.

You can carry out surveys or ask people in your company directly. What does each team need? What are their motivations or limitations? You’ll have your audience hooked from the very start if you focus on what they need.

2. Use microlearning

We all know that “less is more.” It can be difficult to keep the student’s attention focused with online training, so you need to create content that is easily digested. Use simple structures and condense the most relevant information into learning pills, or short, targeted training sessions that engage your audience. That is, it is not enough for the information to be brief, it has to have a certain quality.

Although the possibilities are endless, microlearning is highly effective if you have to carry out an onboarding course. New employees have to quickly grasp a lot of new information, and the content must be tailored to their needs.

3. Switch to mobile learning

Combining learning with new technologies is the key to success. Your course engagement will skyrocket if you allow your audience to learn when and where they want. A mobile learning program closes the gap between trainer and employee, and allows for a smooth and effective uptake of knowledge.

engagement in online training

4. Include multimedia resources

Ask yourself: What resource will enable me to best achieve my training goal? A video, a set of images, a podcast, an interactive infographic… Adapting it to the type of content you are producing as well. For example, if the information is more comprehensive, videos are a great option to offer ‘more content in less time’. If you can condense your content into summarized key points, infographics are the perfect resource for you.

5. Assess your audience through games and exercises

Evaluating through gamification is probably the most effective way to find out if the students have correctly understood the key lessons. Games and exercises in online courses are not only entertaining, but allow you to check on the progress of the students or find out which concepts they need to reinforce.

6. Improve communication through your LMS

To increase – and maintain – engagement in online training, communication is key. Communication should be fluid so that your audience feels motivated.

The best way to achieve this is through an LMS, which will make sending communications and calls very easily. In addition, you can track how each user is making progress. You only have to create SCORM content and upload it to your LMS. Some of the most famous ones are isEazy LMS, Canva, Moodle o Chamilo, among others.

Pro-tip: Use a content creation tool that makes your work easier 😉 

Authoring tools are the solution to increase your engagement. In addition to saving a lot of time, they allow you to implement the above tactics, effortlessly.

If you also want to engage employees in online training, start by using the #1 content creation software. Try isEazy Author for free for unlimited time and kick-start your e-learning engagement today. Success is guaranteed!

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