How to align your e-learning courses and your corporate branding

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Just like people, brands have a personality that shines through when they interact with the world and which determines the steps they take. That personality – or corporate branding –, if well thought out, creates a strong connection with your organization’s customers and employees.

The same thing happens with the online trainings you provide. They represent a transfer of knowledge that is more effective if participants feel a connection to the company. If your personality is clear, as well as the values and image that defines you, and if you can get those to shine through in the right way when branding your corporate e-learning courses, your content will stick much better.

Want to know how to align your corporate e-learning with your branding? Read on!

Why should you work on the branding of your corporate e-learning?

Beyond the content of your courses, your logo, your corporate colors and the tone you use, can help you get a better perception of your training contents. How? It’s obvious that humans react better to a personality, rather than a plain, boring message, that can come for your company or any other.

Working on corporate branding in your courses is essential to forge a certain personality that sets you apart from other organizations. Remember that your brand is what brings your team together. Being loyal to it will make your employees perceive its mission and values easier. This way, you won’t only strengthen their sense of belonging, but you will make everyone seek a common goal.

Of course, at the same time your employees get that characteristic je ne sais quoi from your brand, they will perceive that you clearly care about creating custom trainings, made especially for them. This will make them feel that your company cares about their professional development and will boost their motivation to embark on every e-learning course you create.

How can you strengthen your corporate branding through your online training?

When developing quality branding that will take your e-learning courses to the next level, there are some aspects you must keep in mind:

  • Follow the guidelines of your brand book

Your brand book is your best friend when aiming for coherence in your trainings. Having to pay attention to a complex color pallete, a corporate font for titles and for body text, having to treat a logo a specific way and find the best images make following the guidelines in your brand book require dozens of small steps. Nevertheless, if you use the right authoring tool, this process can be much simpler, saving you a great amount of time and yielding equally exceptional results.

  • Give your training a unique flair

Keeping in line with your corporate branding, you can create true learning experiences that make your trainings one of a kind and, especially, familiar for those who consume it. Think about using a content creation tool that is flexible enough to allow you to let your imagination roam free – always with the brand’s guidelines in mind.

  • Make your online trainings have a unique touch

Always use your logo, as it is the face of your brand and represents everything you do inside and outside of your e-learning processes. Also, use images that link the training content with your company, as well as your target and learning goals. This way, you will provide trainings that are actually special and unique.

  • Use a uniform chromatic palette to guarantee visual consistency

Colors speak; they provide information to the audience. Play with them and use them to achieve full coherence in the look&feel of your trainings. Smart Colors, one of the latest new features of isEazy Author, are the perfect way to keep your colors in line with your corporate identity. Through personalized pallets that you can apply to interactive elements, texts, and even in any of the course’s images.

  • Fonts are important

The use of the corporate font in your e-learning courses allows you to strengthen your image and increase brand recognition. Using your corporate font for titles, in addition to the specific font you have for larger bodies of text, allows you to have a bigger impact and achieve more uniform communication.

Why with isEazy Author your corporate branding is the star of your e-learning courses?

There not many tools in the market that offer you these many options when customizing your e-learning contents like isEazy Authordoes. And in about minutes! Our new Enterprise license offers features like custom templates, so you can adapt your courses to your liking. You can add to them different elements, such as your logo, you can create your own color palettes with our Smart Colors, use corporate images or backgorunds that are perfectly aligned with your look&feel... They are amazing to create the perfect branding for your trainings!

Long story short, make your corporate branding your identifying seal. And use it to sign on all the trainings you create. You’ll see how your results begin to multiply and your collaborators will optimize their learning processes quickly. What are you waiting for? Start creating your online courses with isEazy Author and let your e-learning contents speak on your behalf!

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