From the classroom to the cloud: the secret to universal online education


The current crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced educational institutions to change not only the setting where teaching takes place, but the teaching method itself.

Measures such as social distancing, capacity limits or school closures (in case of future outbreaks), have meant that institutions must quickly adapt to the needs of distance learning. This has led to the implementation of interactive platforms that enable the monitoring of students in real time, applications that ease online teaching, or the use of tools for creating of new teaching materials adapted to this new context. This challenge has highlighted the lack of school resources to effectively develop an online education plan that would guarantee students the continuity of their education.

In light of this situation, the strategy of the teaching community is crucial. As indicated by the most prominent professionals from the leading Spanish universities in innovation, education today will undergo an appropriate and ‘necessary’ transition from classroom learning to online education. How institutions cope with this change will be a determining factor in their future development.

The educational content of the future will either be digital, or it will not be at all

It’s true that in recent years, schools have been undergoing a deep process of digital transformation. However, although the use of digital platforms is virtually universal, their use is more widespread in the field of management, and in Europe, only 25% of professionals believe that their teaching technology has greatly improved.

Relying on online platforms for training and education management, tools for instant communication between students and teachers, or changing classes through video calls have not been enough, nor will it ever be. Universal online education also has growing needs: easier to use, speed of content creation, engaging designs, greater variety of multimedia resources, greater differentiation, more interactivity, compatibility with any device….

The implementation of remote learning in educational centers has laid bare the need to adapt the content to new formats. For example, in order to do their work, teachers need tools to adapt the content already available in PDF or PowerPoint format, to be able to reuse these for online learning. Or even to be able to create new content quickly and effortlessly, adapted to the needs of a new generation of students.

To this end, in addition to offering a 100% digital format, the online education of the future must break the monotony by using engaging content and designs that stand out, including multimedia elements that capture the student’s attention and increase the impact and effectiveness of learning, easing new learning evaluation methods through interactive games, and of course, provide content that can be accessed on any device (pc, smart phone, tablet).


How educational centers can win the race for digitization

In this new context, institutions must adapt as soon as possible to offer more robust learning, adapted to the emerging needs of teachers and students alike, in order to maintain a competitive advantage and not be left out in this race against time. At isEazy Auhtor, we are aware of this new challenge, which is why we make it easy for any institution or faculty member to create impressive e-learning content in just minutes. Without the need for technical know-how, minimizing the learning curve required.

In addition, our tool harnesses cloud-based technology to enable multiple faculty members to work on content creation simultaneously. This not only facilitates the design, creation and distribution of e-learning content, but also increases the productivity and performance of the staff in charge.

However, beyond improving processes and saving time in content creation, isEazy Author offers many other benefits for online learning in educational institutions. These include simple integration with academic LMS, such as Moodle, Canva or Blackboard, and recently, compatibility with tools like Google Classroom to easily share all educational content.

A great opportunity for development and growth

Without a doubt, education has changed forever. And while it may be a real challenge, the educational community has been presented with a great opportunity for development and growth. Simply put, solutions should be sought as soon as possible to ensure the continuity of online education in the long term, not just as a temporary measure.

The good news is that today, it is no longer necessary to use complex technology platforms or spend large amounts of money on external suppliers. The future of education is in our hands. Want to discover all that isEazy Author can do for education? Register for free at your school and start creating more robust content, adapted to the new educational needs.


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