#7 Keys to foster a growth mindset in your company


A proper corporate training culture capable of boosting a business’s growth and retaining talent is not satisfied only with employees’ skills development; it must seek and establish a “growth mindset.” Carol Deck, an American Psychologist and researcher forged this term. It refers to a mentality that people acquire that allows them to develop any capacity thanks to constant learning and effort.

The growth mindset applied to the corporate environment is a substantial competitive advantage, as teams are more creative in developing new solutions and ideas. It also increases the motivation and commitment of professionals who feel they can complete their career development in the company. To achieve this, training departments should offer a continuous learning program to keep employees motivated.

But the benefits of fostering a growth mindset through training impact not only employees but also the organization itself, as it improves its capacity for innovation and makes it more adaptable to change. To achieve a growth mindset with training, you must offer your employees high-quality, engaging content and consider the corporate environment’s challenges.

Growth mindset’s main benefits

The growth mindset puts continuous learning at the center as a method to keep improving, and in fact, it has numerous advantages for the organization and its professionals. The most direct benefit is increased productivity, as employees are better trained and can be more effective in performing their tasks. 

When people are encouraged to overcome challenges, it is much easier for their creative capacity to develop. This makes them dare to look for new solutions and create new products, which is a competitive advantage for the company.

Another benefit is that the growth mindset makes professionals more resilient, giving them more autonomy to resolve conflicts and make decisions. It also increases their motivation and commitment to the company, as mastering new tools and skills helps them feel fulfilled. Thus, professionals consider training a helpful tool and an incentive in their career plans. 

How to achieve a growth mindset with corporate training?

At the corporate level, the growth mindset considerably impacts how your employees perceive training and its importance for their professional development. That’s why we have put together some recommendations for transferring this mindset into your company’s training program:

#1 Creates real learning opportunities

Don’t reduce training time to office hours and make knowledge available online, in videos, books, articles, and even webinars that extend the training experience for employees. 

It’s essential for e-learning content to be dynamic, generate participation, and adapt to your learners’ needs. It’s vital to create your training content autonomously through an authoring tool that allows you to create amazing courses in a few minutes and with professional results.

#2 Empower your learners

By encouraging the process of seeking knowledge, people are much more likely to retain and internalize information. In the same way, having access to information when and where they need it means that professionals can use it as a tool in their day-to-day work, even from mobile devices.

With e-learning platforms, such as LMS or learning management systems, you can customize the learning experience. The newest LMS work with artificial intelligence or machine learning and offer more attractive and dynamic itineraries, including engaging games and challenges.

#3 Generates informal communication channels

Extend the possibilities of contact with your collaborators so that there are more opportunities to give and receive feedback on the training and to resolve any doubts through fluid communication. This closeness will make it much easier for your employees to communicate their problems and learn from them.

#4 Offers positive reinforcement

Continuous learning is taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them. Successes and errors are always constructive opportunities to grow, so they must be equally celebrated.

As a training manager, you need to create a safe and comfortable space for self-criticism so that the growth mindset is successful and the creative thinking that fosters innovation is encouraged.

#5 It proposes hybrid learning or b-learning options.

As each professional has their circumstances and needs, it is best to offer flexible options to ensure the completion of training programs at the correct time.

Online training is the most adaptable to each person’s learning pace, and by not necessarily being subject to the office, it allows one to have knowledge and progress at any time and place.

However, to broaden your options, you can complement e-learning with classroom training that addresses more specific topics and provides an opportunity for professionals to collaborate and put what they have learned into practice.

#6 Make managers the first ambassadors of training

Teams leaders are essential for a successful training program to enhance training’s value and help employees develop their skills.

That’s why they must be the first to have internalized the growth mindset as a maxim for managing and carrying out the tasks necessary for successful continuous learning programs.

#7 Keep up to date with your team’s progress

Nowadays, many e-learning tools have progress evaluations, allowing you to follow each learner’s learning in real-time. All this information is also handy for designing training itineraries according to your teams’ needs and making the necessary changes to improve what is not working.

Companies that foster a growth mindset and continuous training improvement allows their employees and manager to be better and master their knowledge independently. At the same time, L&D improves its training strategies and has better results. Download our growth mindset whitepaper and expand on these recommendations to boost your learning environment and be able to adapt training programs to your employees’ real needs.

At isEazy, we are specialists in e-learning solutions for companies and care about creating content that helps business achieve their training objectives. Get to know all our tools, use them together or separately, and enhance your training program.

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