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To enhance employee engagement and foster their sense of belonging, today’s companies face the challenge ofcaptivatingtheir employees, motivating them to unleash their full potential in the workplace. But how?

As we saw on March 7th at the Modern Learning Event organized by Cornerstone, a strategic partner of isEazy Skills, content strategy plays a significant role. Engaging employees not only strengthens and retains talent within an organization but also directly impacts the end consumer.

By involving employees in the company, we encourage them to establish an emotional connection with people outside it, thereby promoting a better customer experience and placing the customer at the heart of our business. At this point, technology becomes a primary ally. 

7 ways technology enhances employee engagement  

1. Establishes new methodologies 

Thanks to advances in technology, we have seen the emergence of more effective educational methodologies that increase participation and knowledge retention. One example is microlearning, a method based on short learning capsules that prevent loss of interest and foster employee involvement in the organization. 

2. Increases productivity and efficiency 

Using technology to increase productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement has become increasingly important. New developments and functionalities like machine learning and AI make information more accessible, adaptable, and up to date for all team members. 

3. Makes communication quicker 

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, serving as the primary device for internet access. In 2019, there were 3.986 billion active internet users on mobile, indicating that 53% of the population browses the internet through smartphones. These devices are not only used for communication and entertainment but also to stay connected at work. 

4. Encourages collaboration 

Cloud-based technology enables team members to work autonomously anytime and anywhere, as well as collaboratively, which promotes teamwork. 

5. Allows for gamification 

Gamification is a powerful methodology for reinforcing employee learning. Through challenges and competitions, employees can engage their competitive side and enjoy training like never before, both individually or as part of a team.  

6. Paves the way for more engaging content 

With technology, you can create microlearning content that is much more likely to capture your employees’ attention. Incorporating videos and other interactive content also allows you to create training for multiple devices in line with the latest trends in content consumption.  

7. Makes for a unique experience 

Understanding your employees’ needs and adapting your content accordingly is essential. With the help of innovative tools and software, you can personalize the content you share with your employees. They’re much more likely to pay attention to it if they feel it’s been designed with them in mind.  

In addition to increasing employee engagement, technology can also help with talent retention and the development of your workforce.  E-learning training, for example, can be used to enhance employees’ skills and prepare them for success.   

At isEazy Skills, we leverage cutting-edge technology to do just that. Using the last software and methodologies in the e-learning space, we offer training programs designed to improve engagement rates from the get-go. Try it for free!

Sara De la Torre


Sara De la Torre

Content Marketing Manager at isEazy

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