Effective e-learning videos: how to use them the right way


The internet has revolutionized the way we view content, learn and acquire information. We don’t do this the same way as we did a few years ago. It has now been proven that humans respond much better to visual stimuli than to written ones, and that our brain is able to process images 60,000 times faster than text. Amazing.

That’s why today, your employees are 75% more likely to absorb video content rather than text during training, because it is a more appealing format, thanks to its dynamic nature. It simply facilitates learning. If you want to know all about effective e-learning videos and the tools that will make the process easier, read on!

Why e-learning videos for corporate training are perfect for learning

Engaging your audience through your online training programs not only requires quality content, but you also need to present it in an appealing way. This is where video wins out over almost any format. Here are some of the benefits of creating e-learning videos for your courses:

  • They allow you to offer more information in a more condensed way, making it easier to grasp concepts.
  • With videos, you can explain complex topics in a simple, direct and visually appealing way.
  • They are highly dynamic and promote learner engagement. An agile format that is truly eye-catching. If you use it correctly, you’ll maximize interaction with your content.
  • Optimize your course time. Videos allow you to quickly explain technical concepts, so the entire learning process is streamlined.
  • It provides context to your content and facilitates storytelling. With videos, you can add that touch of excitement to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Create elearning videos

How to use e-learning videos effectively

Including training videos in your e-learning processes is all benefits, but you can get even more out of it if you consider the following points:

Include subtitles. Don’t assume that your audience has headphones or is in a place where they can play videos freely. For example, if you use corporate mobile learning, your users are likely to complete their courses somewhere in a public space. Make it easier for them by adding subtitles.

Consider the weight of your files. Any content that takes too long to load will be a sticking point for your audience to complete the training. Ideally, this should be consumed quickly, so compress videos before embedding them, or create versions that can be viewed with a low bandwidth.

Make the most of your videos and include simulations. Recreate your own immersive ‘how-to’ videos. With these, users will learn how to carry out those procedures at a glance, easy and straightforward. A few seconds of video can probably save you several paragraphs of text. As you know, an image is worth a thousand words, especially in e-learning.

Keep these points in mind if you create e-learning videos yourself. Use a script to better structure the information, as well as a good microphone if you record your own audio. If your budget allows it, use professional or voice-over actors. If you add elements to complement learning, such as graphics, podcasts or images, make sure they’re good quality.

Use concise videos. Any employee training videos that do not allow for interaction should be short. You want to train them, not bore them, so highlight the most relevant concepts and make sure your videos are no longer than five minutes, to get your audience’s attention focused.

Your videos, now more interactive than ever with isEazy Author

Although interactive videos are a terrific element for your audience to learn in an immersive way, we know that editing them and adding them to your courses can complicate the creation process… That is, until now!

isEazy Author is launching a new feature: the interactive video. The most entertaining resource to enrich your online training and maximize engagement. With this feature, your e-learning videos will take on a whole new dimension. You can include questions on the screen that your audience will have to answer on the spot to reinforce concepts. You can also display additional information (accompanied by images or videos of your choice), or add summaries of each lesson before moving on to the next topic. With all this, you can create your content in just a few steps. 

Videos for corporate trainingAmong others, these are the possibilities it offers:

  • Carry out interactive role-play.
  • Create simulations to evaluate your students.
  • Offer new possibilities in your onboarding courses
  • Get the most out of your content through storytelling.

The different possibilities offered by our interactive video will allow you to add excitement to your courses, as well as that human interaction that we miss so much. With the live participation of your audience, learning becomes a game, literally ?.

What are you waiting for? Break down the e-learning barriers with content creation tools that make your life easier. Try isEazy Author for free and create your first interactive video, in just minutes. You’ll engage your audience like never before!

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