The democratization of content creation


Have you heard the term digital transformation? It’s a term that’s been used a lot in recent years. Digital transformation entails all the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of our daily life.

We can give as an example content consumption: until only a few years ago most people consumed less content. We read the press, we watched TV, we listened to the radio. Being a content creator was very difficult, since very few people could access that type of posts in the major media. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, anybody with access to an Internet connection can become a content creator and be read by thousands, even millions, of people. This democratization in content creation is one of the most important aspects of digital transformation that we’re seeing.

Simple tools, great quantity of content

However, the Internet has not been responsible for these changes on its own. This change has also been possible thanks to the creation of platforms that allow anybody with basic knowledge of office IT to be able to create and distribute content on the web. Tools like WordPress or Blogger have allowed anybody to be able to create a blog and distribute written content; for its part, tools such as Vimeo or Youtube have made it possible for people who until recently were anonymous to become stars by becoming vloggers or youtubers. And it’s not only distribution tools: every day, more and more tools come onto the market for creating content without greater technical knowledge or knowledge of design. For example, today there are tools for creating videos without knowing anything about editing, or tools for designing posters or infographics without having studied design.

Without this type of specialist software, the Internet would not have caused the content revolution we’re experiencing today. Can you imagine, for example, what Wikipedia would be like if only a few knowledgeable people could edit it? Part of the power of the Internet lies therein: in having tools available so that everybody can create content quickly, easily and, in the vast majority of cases, for free. The authoring tool isEazy Author , for example, is in this category, since it’s a tool that makes it possible to create training courses without great technical knowledge or knowledge of design: the tools already does it all for you.

content creation

Benefits of the democratization of content

All the benefits of being able to be content producers are obvious. In the case of e-learning, for example, the fact that anybody can produce and distribute a quality course entails a great benefit for companies, learning platforms and people who wish to learn. Below we list for you several benefits and how you can make the most of your authoring tool isEazy Author for that purpose:

  • You have specialist trainers. Until quite recently training was the responsibility of a specialist area within a company, almost always made up of human resources specialists, communicators, designers and website developers. If it was desired to make a course on a very specialized subject (for example: new functionalities of the SAP system), the team had to meet with the SAP specialists, gather all the information, turn it into pedagogic material, format it, ensure that the content was correct when published…it could be a long process with constant approval. By having authoring tools such as isEazy Author , however, several steps can be cut out and the same specialists can be the ones who create the training directly on isEazy Author . It would only be necessary to give them a pedagogic format, under the responsibility of the training specialists, and there could quickly be a course ready to teach.  

content creation iseazy author

  • Sharing knowledge becomes very easy. One of the major problems companies have nowadays is sharing employees’ knowledge. For example, the knowledge that some employees acquire after going to conferences, or the knowledge of employees who’ve worked in another sector or country and which is relevant for the company. Thanks to tools such as isEazy Author , for example, interactive courses can be created without any technical knowledge an in the blink of an eye. Keeping them up-to-date costs nothing, so that for a company to share the knowledge with its employees it’s only necessary to find the right people and let their imagination run wild with the tool.
  • The key content for companies are easily digitizable. All companies have content that is key for their employees: for example, onboarding course, courses to acquire knowledge of the company’s main product, panorama of the competition, etc. Moreover, these courses usually need to be updated constantly, such that it is convenient for them to be easily and quickly editable. isEazy Author makes it possible to create and distribute this type of content and, moreover, to be able to edit them in seconds.

Are you excited to know that anybody in the company can now create training content? We sure are plenty excited! We think we are living through an important revolution, and we are excited to know that thanks to our isEazy Author tool we are adding our two cents to it. We’d love to hear your comments on this!

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