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Creating an online training course for a very large audience, or even an audience located in different parts of the world, is very different than creating it for a small one. Small audiences tend to be more homogeneous and more aligned in terms of schedules, objectives, or preferences when it comes to learning. However, to create e-learning content for a large audience, you have to consider certain factors, such as cultural or language differences.

These are the 9 tips you should follow to make your course stand out from the rest, from the very start:

1. Use terms that users around the world can understand. That is, do not use expressions that are specific to your country, such as sayings and refrains, as they may alienate people who do not understand them. What’s more, if you include your own videos or even external ones, make sure they don’t contain gestures that might be offensive in other cultures.

2. Use tools that allow you to easily modify your course. Especially if you have to add subtitles to your videos or edit information that does not apply to all countries. An easy way to do this is to create your course with an authoring tool that offers re-usable templates. By making minor adjustments, you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience, creating more useful and informative content for everyone.

3. Keep your content relevant. Regardless of whether or not you have a large audience, your course objectives should be kept to a minimum. Before you start, do some research on the skills the audience wants to acquire, as well as their professional and educational background. Taking surveys or talking to other experts will help you create courses that add real value.

4. Include a variety of elements within your course. Multimedia resources such as games, role-plays and e-learning videos are perfect for reaching different types of students. Each individual has a different way of processing information. If you include variety, you will reach each one of them and, as a plus, the effort you’ve put into creating your content will really show.

5. Use simple and informative vocabulary. Be straightforward and avoid complex language and long-winded paragraphs. If there are very specific terms you need to use, you can create an e-learning dictionary to help the audience expand their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

6. Subtitle the spoken parts or videos in your course. This way, you not only ensure that your content can be available in public places, on the way home from work, etc., but you also give people with hearing problems the opportunity to view it without any issue.

7. Give your courses a unique identity: If you align your content to your corporate branding (a single name, logo, colors and fonts), you will create a sense of belonging, which is sometimes difficult to achieve when you are addressing a broad or international audience.

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8. Create buzz by providing a preview of your content. A clever idea is to create a short trailer of the course you’re working on. Not only for your audience, but also for the people in your company who have decided to go for a large-scale L&D program. Show them the value of your work and the benefits they will get from it.

9. Go all out. Since you’ve been given the task of creating a training program for hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of people, don’t limit your creativity. Create content that will leave them wanting more. Innovate, research, take a chance and demonstrate the positive effects that training, when well done, can provide to a company.

Now that we have the theory, let’s check out the practice 😊. You can read down below about one of our latest case studies about how a large company achieved its goal of training a massive audience, without investing an extra minute of time. 

Vodafone Case Study: creating e-learning content for +4,000 employees

What was Vodafone’s challenge? This telecommunications giant needed a single solution to be able to pull all their expertise together and share it, without investing extra time. Their objective: to create e-learning content for its +4,000 employees located around the country, quickly and autonomously.

What solution did they use to achieve their goals? With isEazy Author, a unique e-learning creation tool, they not only optimized their time, but managed to ensure top quality in their content.

What were the results? More than 400 courses created in an autonomous way, and addressing all kinds of needs: new products, troubleshooting, corporate culture, customer service…

Read the full Case Study here and get inspired to start creating e-learning content that will leave your audience wanting to continue learning with you. 

Sara De la Torre


Sara De la Torre

Content Marketing Manager at isEazy

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