How to create high-quality digital content for your LXP


Learning is an experience, everything else is just information“- Albert Einstein.

Einstein once said: the best way to learn is through experience. This has become the mantra of online training in recent years. Users are no longer content with reading a text on a screen, and they forget everything they’ve seen within a couple of hours. They want added value, that extra ‘something’ that they can apply in their everyday work.

To achieve this, companies in all sectors are increasingly using tools such as LXPs. These new types of online training platforms use new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to transform training into a more appealing and personalized experience for the user. Keep reading if you want to know more about these and how to create digital content for your audience 😊.

But first… how is an LXP different from a traditional LMS?

Let’s clarify these two basic concepts. Both types of platforms offer e-learning content to users, but in different ways:

The LMS does this in a more formal way. It’s the central pillar where corporate knowledge is stored so employees have access to it. These systems are based on the management, implementation and follow-up of the training plan. Here, the administrator takes the lead.

The LXP, however, ensures user-centered learning. With an attractive and user-friendly environment, and features such as AI, social learning or gamification, it offers experience-based training. The goal: to increase engagement and impact with your training.

Create high-quality-online-content

A real-life example? Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. You probably use these platforms every day. And you love them because you always have access to interactive content that adapts to your preferences. Well, this is what an LXP offers, only instead of movies or music, it features online training.

Now that you know the difference, here are a couple of tips to fill your LXP with useful content for your users 😉.

Keys to creating high-quality digital content for your LXP

Purchase ready-made content

A good option is to use a e-learning course catalog so you don’t have to do a thing, and you can offer relevant content to your audience. Some of the best-known examples are isEazy Skills, LinkedIn Learning or Udemy. This option saves you a lot of work and guarantees a wide variety of topics for your learners. This way, you can cover all training needs through a single channel.

Create your own training content

Developing own content is essential for any company. Your training experts are the ones who can best create e-learning courses that adapt to the objectives of each department. They are the ones who know what each department needs, or what knowledge needs to be reinforced or incorporated. These insights are the best source for creating quality content, which employees can then apply to their everyday work.

how to create digital content for LXP

And this is where authoring tools come into play. Choose one that will help you take your training to the next level. With isEazy Author, you can create authentic training experiences, thanks to its intuitive interface, its many ready-to-use templates, customized options and interactive resources. More than 20 to choose from: games, exercises, tests, infographics, interactive videos… Immerse your audience in an engaging training course from start to finish.

Forget about old school e-learning courses! Make content creation easier and actively engage your audience throughout the process. With isEazy Author, you can do this in just minutes, even without experience or previous technical know-how. You still aren’t sure? Try us for free and you’ll be amazed by the results 😊.

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