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The pandemic has affected the development of professionals’ interpersonal skills. Gartner indicates this in their report on the 9 Trends That Will Define The Future of Work. Skills such as negotiation, public speaking, teamwork, and networking have been affected by social isolation, which could have an impact on organizations.

Companies face challenges that require more emotional and social skills, and changes in the job market have shown that professional growth is now more critical than ever for the evolution of organizations. That is why L&D leaders must make every effort to develop these skills.

Luckily for us, one of the best ways to promote adaptability to these changes in terms of skills is having good training for employees. For this reason, at isEazy Skills, we want to share our course catalog with the best training courses for employee development with the most in-demand power and digital skills. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

Catalog courses with the best training for employees

Although each company’s needs differ, a group of transversal skills is vital to preparing your professionals for any challenge. With this in mind, we have this list of good trainings for employees:

Digital effectiveness and productivity

1. Get focused and learn to say goodbye to distractions

In the current work environment, distractions often compromise professionals’ productivity. According to Forbes, approximately 42% of people don’t concentrate on their tasks during the workday. Some of the main distractions in the workplace are using social networks, receiving emails, talking to colleagues, and even office noise. And worse, it can take us approximately 23 minutes to refocus after an interruption. That’s a lot of wasted time!

Do you want to know the keys for your professionals to focus all their attention on the task they are doing? In the course “Get focused and learn to say goodbye to distractions,” they will learn to recognize and avoid those distractions that block them and don’t allow them to progress. They will also learn to fight them and create a work environment free of them so that they can organize and concentrate.

2. Make intelligent and sound decisions

In the workplace, indecisiveness can be a big problem when making specific decisions. Indecision can be due to causes such as fear or lack of confidence. But the truth is that your professionals will have to make some decisions throughout their careers. They must learn to establish criteria, analyze consequences, look for alternatives, and use creativity.

This course provides solutions to all those needs and tools that help them make intelligent decisions and act with confidence and responsibly to achieve personal and professional objectives efficiently.

Well-being and happiness

3. How to develop your emotional intelligence

Any professional must know their emotions, manage them, recognize the feelings of others, and be empathetic. All this is part of emotional intelligence, one of the most demanded skills by organizations.

Our course will give your professionals the necessary keys to knowing and regulating their emotions, motivating themselves and the team, improving empathy, and improving social skills to develop emotional intelligence.

4. Emotional self-control: the key to your well-being

Did you know that emotional intelligence increases productivity by up to 20%? Understanding and self-regulating our feelings is essential, which involves losing fear, managing negative emotions, resisting frustration, and having self-confidence.

The course “Emotional self-control: the key to your well-being” aims to provide participants with the necessary tools to increase their self-awareness and improve the management of their emotions, especially negative ones. Through the course, participants will learn to recognize, accept, and redirect these emotions effectively, which will allow them to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and personal security.

Commercial and customer experience

5. How to successfully overcome difficult situations with customers

Throughout their careers, your professionals will encounter all types of customers. There will be those who do not meet their commitments or obligations, others who are uncooperative, and others who try to violate or disrespect their rights.

The course “How to successfully overcome difficult situations with customers” provides your employees with simple guidelines to overcome problems or conflictive situations with customers through adequate emotional management.

6. Creating value for internal and external customers

Every salesperson must have a deep knowledge of the service or product they offer and understand correctly what their customers are looking for. In this course, professionals will learn how to do it and some techniques to improve the solutions they present to their customers. They will also learn to provide good service by exceeding customer expectations through proactivity, empathy, attention to detail, and personalization.

Communication and interpersonal relationships

7. Communicate with assertiveness

Communicating involves knowing how to make ourselves understood and learning to say no in situations that warrant it. It also means knowing how to accept criticism without taking it as a personal attack and learning how to make requests.

These are essential skills for any job, and in this course, your professionals will learn how to develop assertiveness by openly expressing their thoughts, feelings, and needs. They will also learn to communicate by respecting others and themselves to achieve their goals and reinforce their personal and professional relationships.

8. Communicate more effectively

Learning to express oneself clearly, obtain feedback from communication, and adapt messages to the characteristics of the interlocutors is essential for any professional, both when dealing with clients and colleagues. That’s why employees must learn to improve the effectiveness of their communication. Through this course, they will understand how to establish effective communication that facilitates the achievement of different objectives in their professional careers.

Leadership and high-performance teams

9. How to be a good leader

Companies value professionals who are decisive, proactive, creative, and persuasive. All these are characteristics of a leader, and part of being a leader is also being able to contribute ideas, proposals, and initiatives within the company that generate new improvement opportunities and that can provide specific benefits for the team and the organization.

Through the course “How to be a good leader,” your employees will be able to learn to lead people, promote changes, achieve results, inspire and involve their collaborators, as well as communicate, supervise, and guide high-performance teams.

10. How to boost your team’s motivation

Leaders must learn to spread optimism to their team members, motivate their collaborators, recognize their achievements, and convey a positive attitude. These qualities improve work teams, help employee self-esteem, and retain them.

The objective of this course is to provide the necessary keys to achieve the motivation and commitment of collaborators and reinforce their confidence to achieve a team involved and satisfied with their daily tasks.

Digital Mindset

11. Wow your audience with your virtual presentations 

A digital mindset is the adaptation of professionals to technology and the digital age. This training specialty is related to curiosity, interest in technology, and exploration of its possibilities. One of the most demanded courses in the area is “Wow your audience with your virtual presentations.” It responds to basic needs such as learning to make an impact presentation, capture and maintain attention, solve incidents, and make a participatory presentation.

12. Improve your digital written communication

We live in a collaborative era where we use chats, emails, or blogs to stay connected and informed. In this scenario, perfecting digital written communication is vital. This course gives students the keys to successfully communicating through digital media and sharing information through collaborative tools to achieve this.

Change, creativity, and innovation

13. Empower yourself. Take the leading role in your life

Empowering oneself implies overcoming fears, stopping seeing ourselves as victims, reducing our dependence on others, increasing our self-esteem, and facing conflicts with security. These skills are essential for any professional, regardless of their career.

In our catalog of courses, you can find this option that offers your employees the guidelines to take control of their lives and thus overcome fears. They will also learn to trust their abilities to face and resolve conflicts professionally.

14. Achieve excellence through continuous improvement

Learning to do things better daily, identifying errors, and celebrating progress are ways to improve as professionals. With the course “Achieve excellence through continuous improvement,” your employees will learn to identify and apply improvements in their jobs, contribute ideas, and improve their creativity.

Diversity and sustainability

15. Intergenerational leadership

Support for sustainability and diversity should not only come from organizations but also from employees. One way to do this is through intergenerational leadership. In this course, employees can learn to promote inclusive and informal leadership and promote participation, self-development, and freedom.

16. Successfully leading in diversity

Another of the most demanded courses in our catalog is “Lead diversity to success,” which provides employees with tools to build a network of relationships and create an inclusive environment at work. Through this training, they will learn to communicate, stimulate the creation of inclusive teams, and ensure each member can develop their strengths.

Are you ready to boost your professionals’ talent? isEazy Skills offers the best training courses for employees on power and digital skills, made with interactive and dynamic resources that increase engagement and cover any skill development need. Try our course catalog for free!

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