#7 company training programs to boost your team’s skills


According to Deloitte’s Global Gen Z & Millennial survey, new generations of employees prioritize a healthy work-life balance, a positive corporate culture, and opportunities for professional growth and development when choosing a company to work for. 

Not surprisingly, one of their priorities is L&D opportunities, considering the changing employment landscape and the high demand for new skills. In this regard, corporate training is essential to employee retention and company growth. Boosting professional development by offering company training programs that motivate employees and increase their productivity and competitiveness is more necessary than ever. 

This article explores the best corporate training programs for teams and how to implement them with isEazy Skills: 

Why should businesses invest in company training programs?

All companies measure the success of their investments through the benefits obtained, and it’s no different when it comes to corporate team training. The importance of company training programs has increased as they improve talent retention and develop a workforce of professionals ready for the future. Through corporate training programs for employees, it’s possible to:

  • Improve your team’s motivation because they will feel they are developing new skills.
  • Enhance the corporate culture of your company.
  • Deliver value to employees, mainly through programs focused on improving employee performance, multiplying the chances of achieving the company’s objectives.
  • Expand knowledge sharing, improving collaboration and communication.
  •  Encourage innovation and adaptation to change.
  • Align employees with the organization’s objectives.
  • Increase the company’s competitive advantage.
  • In addition, digital training offers even more benefits including cost reduction and accessibility.

E-learning trends that will revolutionize your corporate training 

The benefits of corporate training are extensive. However, in order to enjoy them, it is also important to keep up to date with trends in the sector. Below, we explore the most important trends to take into consideration when choosing a training program for your team.  

X – learning: experiential learning. 

The rise of new technologies means that, when consuming content, users seek immediacy and personalization of information. 

Under this premise, x-learning puts the user at the heart of the learning experience through personalized training that’s available to them anytime, anywhere.  

Gamification: learning by playing 

Gamification and e-learning go hand in hand, which is why it’s increasingly common for platforms like LMSs to include playful dynamics such as games, points, rankings and levels which generate a positive and interactive training experience.  

Social learning 

Social Learning is a new and innovative way to reinforce ideas, expand or refute them. 

Through collaborative spaces like forums, blogs or virtual classrooms, students can connect with their peers, causing them to feel more involved and develop a sense of belonging to the organization.

Top 7 company training programs examples

Now that we’ve explored the benefits and trends associated with company training programs, it’s time to consider the different categories that exist. Changes in recent years in the employment sphere and the digital transformation of workspaces have highlighted the urgent need to update the skills and competencies of professionals. In fact, the total number of skills required to perform a single job is increasing by 5.4% each year. 

With this in mind, we have prepared a list of the best corporate training programs you can offer to your employees and how to implement them with isEazy Skills: 

#1 Training programs for team-building skills

Corporate training programs for team building development foster social relationships within the company. This type of training helps professionals develop skills that improve communication, collaboration, and productivity. They also improve job satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, and foster team cohesion.

Each company should customize and adapt its training in line with its objectives and the needs of its team so that they choose which skills are most necessary to develop. Some corporate training examples for team building are communication, emotional intelligence, productivity, and overcoming conflicts.

Some isEazy Skills corporate training courses that will help you foster team building are:

  • Communicate assertively
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communication
  • Team building: exploit your team’s synergies
  • Build a high-performance team
  • Perfect your empathic listening.

#2 Programs for leadership development 

In any work environment, a leader needs to manage their team efficiently. But leading not only implies managing managerial skills but also knowing how to adapt to the different profiles of collaborators, motivating, communicating, supervising, controlling, and guiding.

The ability to develop leadership and management skills, and to enhance the talents of a team, can lead to a high-performance work environment that encourages innovation and goal achievement. Plus, it strengthens collaborators. 

More than 26% of isEazy Skills users have developed their power skills through corporate training courses related to this area. Some of the most popular are:

  • How to be a good leader
  • How to boost your team’s motivation
  • Lead efficient virtual meetings
  • Involving and delegating: the key tools of a leader
  • Adequate supervision: the ultimate key to guaranteeing results.

#3 Sustainability and diversity development programs

Sustainability and diversity are areas of development currently in high demand as companies face the great challenge of transforming their corporate culture into one that is much more committed to people, the environment, and, above all, inclusivity. 

For Generation Z and millennials, protecting the environment is a priority. A Deloitte report revealed that both generations prefer their companies to make a more significant effort in offering training programs on making better environmental decisions. 

Regarding diversity, only 17% of millennials are satisfied with the efforts made by their companies to create more diverse and inclusive spaces, compared to 34% of Generation Z. 

With this in mind, companies must offer training in areas such as gender equality, poverty reduction, and affordable and clean energy. For this, isEazy Skills offers you the best courses: 

  • Intergenerational leadership 
  • Managing diversity in your work environment 
  • Women empowerment 
  • How to apply the Sustainable Development Goals in your daily life 
  • Promoting gender equality in your environment. 

#4 Company training for digital skills development

Today, professionals must be able to adapt and use technology efficiently in the workplace. A digital mindset means being open-minded, curious about technology, and willing to learn and experiment with new digital tools.

The development of digital competencies is now more than ever a requirement for professionals, who must learn to manage new technologies and transform their processes within the digital environment. Some of the most popular corporate training courses that isEazy Skills offers you in this area are:

  • Surprise in your virtual presentations
  • Perfect your written digital communication
  • Organize your time effectively
  • Big Data
  • User Story Mapping.

#5 Programs for business development and customer experience

Company training in business development and customer experience aims to improve an organization’s ability to interact with customers and increase sales effectively. This program enhances employee skills by implementing effective learning strategies demonstrating the best sales and customer service practices.

The main objective of business development and customer experience programs is to improve customer satisfaction and the organization’s relationship with them. The company training program may include a variety of courses to achieve this. Some of the most popular isEazy Skills courses in this area are:

  • How to overcome difficult situations with customers
  • Create value for your internal and external customers
  • How to define and implement your commercial strategy
  • Communication, and commercial influence
  • Build customer loyalty with excellent service.

#6 Programs for well-being development 

Understanding the emotional states of its employees is essential to a company’s success. Many companies now recognize the need to support their employees’ emotional well-being through company training programs that help them manage stress and complex situations. These situations can often interfere with employees’ professional goals and the organization’s objectives.

Company training programs that provide emotional skills to their employees encourage better leaders who are more aware and collaborative, and who can identify triggers that could affect their performance.

Some of the most in-demand corporate training courses from isEazy Skills in this area are:

  • Emotional self-control: the key to your well-being
  • How to develop your emotional intelligence
  • Transform stress and frustration
  •  Self-motivation: the secret of successful people
  • Boost your optimistic attitude to simplify your life.

#7 Programs for high-performance teams development

Behind every successful company are effective and productive professionals who focus on fulfilling their roles, solving problems, and improving their processes. Company training programs for developing these areas teach employees to work effectively and efficiently to implement strategies that improve performance and results.

In addition, one of the resources that companies value the most is time, which is why teaching professionals how to manage it effectively is vital in any training program for employees. Some of the best corporate training courses of isEazy Skills in this area are:

  •  Focus and say goodbye to distractions
  • Make intelligent and wise decisions
  • How to adapt to hybrid work
  • Personal organization in digital environments
  • Improve your professional image by enhancing your accountability.

Company training programs are an excellent way to improve the skills and knowledge of employees in specific areas, which increases the chances of success for any organization. Selecting the right corporate training programs can improve your team’s skills, knowledge, and performance. What better way to do this than with isEazy Skills? Enjoy a complete catalog of courses in power skills and digital skills to empower your professionals in a simple, fun, and effective way. Try it for free!

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