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Why it’s essential to find specific communication solutions for deskless workers?


Sales representatives, doctors, delivery men, and vendors are just some of the profiles we call frontline workers. Above all, these professionals have one thing in common: they don’t need to sit behind a desk to carry out their daily tasks.

Although they have always been present in organizations, it’s now that they are indeed receiving the importance they deserve. They represent 80% of the global workforce, and to boost their potential is necessary to review their internal communication process, training and corporate knowledge needs and create a strategy specially designed for these workers.

Why it’s essential to adapt your internal communication strategy for your frontliners

Internal communication is fundamental to the proper functioning of any company. Without it, employees would not be updated on important news, policies that affect their daily work, and new products or services. They would have no way of knowing the organization’s values, mission, or strategy to which they belong. 

Moreover, if we consider the new challenges the corporate sector faces, such as the recently named Great Resignation, organizations must find new ways to engage and retain talent. In fact, according to the Global Workforce Hopes and Fears study conducted by PwC in 2022, 1 in 5 workers changed companies within a year.

A correct internal communication strategy will be able to:  

  • Driving commitment 

Employees will likely be more engaged with the organization if they work together toward a common goal. In addition, communication solutions that involve deskless workers sharing their opinions help them feel valued, which is also a significant driver of engagement.

  • Increasing productivity 

An effective communication strategy connects employees so they can solve problems quickly and work more efficiently. It also facilitates access to the documentation and resources needed to do their jobs properly.

  • Reducing turnover 

A survey conducted by Gallup revealed that those professionals who feel more engaged are between 24% and 59% less likely to change companies. Without a doubt, setting up specific communication solutions for deskless workers will benefit your company, as these are particular positions where turnover can represent a major problem.

Despite the benefits, only some organizations have a proper internal communication strategy, tailoring it to the specific needs of their employees. In fact, less than 60% of deskless workers are satisfied with their company’s communication solutions.

A well-elaborated communication plan will connect the company with its frontline workers no matter where they are, keep them aligned and committed to the organization’s objectives, and establish an agile communication channel that accompanies them in their day-to-day work.

communication solutions for deskless workers

How to keep your deskless workers aligned and engaged 

Although it may seem that everything has already been invented in the internal communication field, the digital era has brought endless communication solutions that can be applied and revolutionize the way we connect with deskless workers. Smartphones, apps, and social networks make it possible to establish more mobile and dynamic internal communication.

Compared to other types of workers who can access corporate platforms or intranets, frontline workers need new technological tools that are better adapted to their workflow and allow them to stay in touch with their colleagues and managers.

In addition, the shorter attention span and the different environments in which this type of professional works imply that the most agile and multimedia formats are the ones that work best for them. The same happens in corporate training, where microlearning has already established itself as a key methodology for this type of profile development. 

#5 ways to connect with your deskless workers

1. Gather everything they need in one place 

Most organizations use various communication methods with their deskless employees: corporate email, bulletin boards, and unofficial communication channels such as WhatsApp groups. However, with these methods, you never know if the information is current or has been reviewed. With a corporate app, you can ensure that your data and documentation reach everyone in its latest version and keep track of who has consulted it.

communication solutions for deskless workers

2. Establish two-way communication channels 

Improvement forms, surveys to know the opinion of frontliners, and systems to mark and evaluate documents will help them feel more valued and committed to the organization and to the information you make available to them, ensuring that it’s consulted. 

3. Transversal communication 

Traditionally, corporate communication was understood vertically: managers were in charge of elaborating the message they wanted to disseminate and sharing it with the rest. 

Communication must now be cross-functional, especially when it comes to frontliners. They need to be in contact with their colleagues, even if they do not share a workspace. In this way, they can share tips and best practices based on their experiences, improving overall performance.

4. Don’t be afraid to make it fun

The best communication solutions for deskless workers are based on the social networks they use daily—concise, attractive, multimedia, and social content.

There are all kinds of dynamics that you can imitate: likes, comments, and sharing. How about awarding points for each content consulted? And preparing a quiz to find out your frontliners have assimilated the most critical information? You can achieve this thanks to corporate apps with social and collaborative dynamics.

5. Automatic notifications 

How would you like to have an app with push notifications? These are especially useful when you need to send an urgent message to your entire organization and have guarantees that they have indeed received it.

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